Sometimes Bra Straps are too long to adjust and that is why we are here to share with you some simple tips and tricks: how to shorten bra straps. Wearing a bra is necessary for a woman and if it’s fit then you feel comfortable but if the bra is loose or tight then it becomes problematic. Sometimes your bra straps look too long to wear where you need to shorten the bra straps. So you need to think about bra adjustable ideas like buying a bra with a slide adjuster, adjusting its length, identifying why straps are too loose or too tight. Let’s forget about such kinds of worries and let’s talk about tips to shorten bra straps. So that you can wear the best-fit bra.

Tips and tricks: How to Shorten Bra Straps

Before we go for tips and tricks to shorten bra straps let’s talk about a personal experience first. A girl who is very short but her breast size is big If the shoulder straps are fit then the cup size does not fit and when the cup size is perfect where the straps are too long. And she is facing this difficulty. But our tips will definitely help her out to get a better-fit bra.

Now, what you will need to get the perfect fit bra? Let’s talk about this! You need Bra with adjustable elastic straps, a sewing needle and thread handy, scissors, a safety pin, and measuring tape.

You have to find the place where the strap is sewn to itself. possibly it is around the ring at the top of the cup. Then check out how much you want to shorten the loose straps. If it’s too long and when you shorten your straps still there will be a movable room where still you have options to adjust and shorten your straps.

When you want to shorten the strap, you have to sew the strap back, and primarily making that little loop around the ring is a lot bigger. You can mark the spot where you reattach the strap. After that use your seam ripper to untie the stitching that holds the strap and draw out all the loose yarn. Now hand sews the strap end to its spot where you want to fit the strap. Do it for the other strap and you are done with the perfect fit bra.

Then If you have a front and back strap on a bra, make sure you shorten the back elastic strap or you will see the ring from the front strap is too high and existing on top of your shoulder. Let’s point out all the ideas to shorten bra straps:

  1. Bring the slider up about 1/2 way
  2. To see back of the strap turn your bra over
  3. Thread the top part of the strap up away so that you can have a loop
  4. You have to chop off the inner part of the strap and cut off about 5cm of the strap
  5. Re-thread the strap, sew down the end of the strap and trim off all the thread to clean.

We have shared a lot of ideas to shorten the bra strap. Now we will talk about all the steps broadly to shorten straps for the simple adjustment. We will make an adjustable strap bra where you can make your bra fit with a bra strap adjuster or also you can make it fit without an adjuster.

Shorten straps with an adjuster

If you want to shorten straps with an adjuster, you have to position the circular clip on the back of your bra strap and adjust the strap to the maximum length. For creating a loop and shortening the strap pull your bra strap through one half of the circular clip. After that, through the wide end of the strap saver,  place the top of the loop and the strap. Then around the strap, hook the strap saver. And you are done!

Shorten straps without an adjuster

Now we will talk about how to shorten your straps without an adjuster. First, fold your bra strap into a z shape to shorten straps. Through the wide end of The Strap Saver, pull the end of the strap and the loop of the bow. Then around the strap, hook the strap saver and do it same for the other loop, and you are done!

So, all the ideas were have shared are very much effective and workable. Though loose bra straps can give you comfort, perfect fit straps are best. You can also buy a bra with straps that are comfortable and adjustable bra. Where you can easily shorter straps, adjust bra straps, and get the perfect fit.


Q. How to Tighten Bra Straps and Why It’s So Important?

Ans. If you want to tighten your bra straps if it’s too loose then you have to need an adjustable hook end or you can also need to have basics about sewing to shorten the bra straps. If you shorten it by cutting or sewing it then you cannot change it later. So, we recommend you buy an adjustable bra. So that you can adjust it any time. And tighten the bra straps is necessary to get a perfect fit.

Q. What is The Strap Saver?

Ans. The Strap Saver is something that can shorten your bra straps easily. You don’t need to sew to shorten the strap if you have a strap saver.  It can accurate dresses and tank tops too.

Q. What do you do if your bra straps are too long?

Ans. If your bra straps are too long then you can follow some steps to fit in. First, tighten your straps which is the first thing you need to do, try a smaller band and smaller cup size, check your bra size regularly, use a perfect size bra or if you face any kind of adjusting problem then you have to adjust somehow. You can also replace the bra and change the style of your bra too. And the most effective way is to adjust your bras with or without an adjuster. Hope you will get the perfect fit.