If you’re wanting your bustline to look a bit bigger, buy a shirt that has design elements to add volume. These features can be anything from frills and ruffles to strategic prints and pleats. While silhouette is important, it’s not the only factor when it comes to making your breasts look bigger.
Here are some tips on how to find shirts that make your breasts look bigger:

• Look for flounce tops with tiers of ruffles or voluminous sleeves. These extra details draw attention upward towards your collarbone and even create a more prominent cleavage area.

• Choose shirts with vertical pinstripes or small prints. Vertical lines create an optical illusion of length in the torso area which can exaggerate larger chest measurements. Small-scale allover prints also help achieve this same effect while still maintaining discretion.

• Opt for necklines with artful draping around the decolletage or scooped necklines with wide collars — both of these styles help frame the décolleté for added emphasis there.
• Select silhouettes like relaxed tees, peasant blouses, smocked bodices or wrap tops for extra drama and definition at the bustline without feeling too confining or constricted in tight clothing items such as fitted tees or button-ups.

• Wear structured pieces if you have ample cup size but need a bit more in terms of balance and proportion due to lacking curves elsewhere (e.g., if you’re petite). Structured jackets, peplum tops, wrap blouses etc., can flatter by helping create shape at the waist and accentuate at the bust respectively -this butter helps achieve an apple hourglass silhouette even when you don’t have one naturally!

Your wardrobe should never be defined by measurements; just because you don’t fit into one specific size range shouldn’t stop you from wearing clothes that show off what assets you have – whatever they may be! With enough creativity, confidence, and experimentation, anyone can find clothing pieces that hug their body type in all the right places they wish—just make sure to keep yourself energized throughout shopping trips!