How to Get Rid of Bra Strap Indentations

Are you upset about having bra strap indentations? Wearing a tight bra that made bra strap on your shoulder? Are you looking for effective methods to overcome this problem? Just relax and don’t worry about anything like this. Because today we will be sharing with you the most problem-solving ideas that will definitely remove your bra strap indentation problems.

Yes, bra strap marks can indeed make you feel uncomfortable. But let us tell you the main overcoming ideas and these are wearing the correct size of bra as ill-fitting and the small-sized bra gives you tight-fitting, sugar, scrubs, sunscreen, massage oil, exfoliator, water, makeup, wearing strapless bras, and so on. Now on we will share the best effective ideas How to Get Rid of Bra Strap Indentations.

Why do Bra Strap Indentations Appear?

Bra strap indentations are not a big issue if you take care of them. This problem sometimes goes away but sometimes it remains on your body permanently and makes it look darker. One of the main reasons for the appearance of Strap Indentations is the Wrong size and tight-fitting bra. As it can cause problems with blood circulation around your shoulder, bra line, and upper back. It can also cause problems to your body tissue. And the marks from your bra cannot go away very easily. Sometimes it causes hyperpigmentation problems. Make sure you focus on these particular things :

  • Wear the right sized bra
  • Use a sugar scrub to remove marks
  • Use massage oil
  • Wear sunscreen to spot the marks turning any darker
  • Wear a strapless bra until the marks disappear
  • Cover the marks with makeup on a night out.

Ways to get rid of Bra Strap Indentations


Wear the Right Size Bra

The first and the most important thing is choosing your bra according to your breast size. The right size of bra can help you to overcome this problem. If you wear a small size or the wrong size of bra then it will give you scars on your shoulder that can cause pain. If you are ignorant about your bra size then you have to know about band size, bust number, and cup size. You can also check this list out.

A Closer Look at Band Sizing 



24-28 in 61-71cmS30 32
28-32in 71-81cmM34 36
32-36in 81-91cmL38 40
36-40in 91-102cmXL42 44
40-48in 112-122cm2XL46 48
44-48in 102-112cm3XL50 52
48-52in 122-132cm4XL54 56


Exfoliation is a good idea to get rid of bra strap indentations problems. Add regular exfoliation into your skincare and hopefully, it will give you the best outcome. Now, Let’s talk about some exfoliating tips:

Make an Exfoliator Using Milk

Milk is a very effective and important ingredient as it contains a lot of nutrients that can be used as a scrub for lightening dark patches of your skin. You can mix Almond Oil and milk as Almond Oil adds moisture and milk to nutrify your skin. Mix together a tablespoon of each element and massage it onto your shoulders, Then cover your shoulders with a towel and leave it for about ten minutes. Wash your shoulders with warm water but make sure you avoid using soap. Because if you use soap it will clear the whole applied item.

Use a Sugar or Walnut Scrub

Using an exfoliating scrub can help you easily to get rid of bra strap indentations. Let’s talk about a natural scrub. You can mix lemon and sugar together as lemon brighten your skin and sugar is great for exfoliating and good for removing dry skin. Mix a tablespoon of either sugar or walnuts into a tablespoon of lemon juice. Then apply the mixture to the marked skin and scrub for five minutes. And after that, you can rinse when you go for a shower.

Yogurt and turmeric pack

Yogurt and turmeric packs are a good combination. Yogurt is good for nourishing your skin and it also works as a moisturizer. Where turmeric has antiseptic features and it can help you to get rid of bra strip indentation and brighten your affected place. Simply make a mask out of a scoop of yogurt and a squeeze of turmeric powder. Mix and rub them on the indentations and dark marks. Then rinse with lukewarm water after some ten minutes. You can try this for a week and see the magic!

Use Massage Oil

Massage oil can help energize circulation and reduce the appearance of marks easily. You can try Almond oil or also you can try essential oil in your massage. Tea tree oil and lavender oil are also beneficial to reduce scars. One more magical product is Bio-Oil and which can reduce your scars very quickly.

Wear Sunscreen 

     Use sunscreen regularly if you have bra strap marks on your shoulder. If the weather is hot or not you have to wear sunscreen as sunscreen can block UV rays and will add moisture to your skin. If you wear a strapless dress or bikini, you should use sunscreen.

Drink Water 

     Stay hydrated is another important part and to be hydrated enough, you have to drink plenty of water. This will improve your skin condition. You should drink water between six and eight glasses every day. You can also eat healthy foods and that will improve your skin.

Bra Strap Cushions

These cushions can help you to get rid of strap indentations. you can slide in this cushion between your shoulders and bra straps. The way bra strap digs into your shoulder, after using cushion they cannot affect the place.

Silicone bra strap liners

Silicone bra strap liners are soft and cool and can help to prevent indentations. It’s a barrier between your skin and the strap.

Conceal the area with makeup

If you need to quickly fix the indentations problem then you can conceal the marked area with makeup which is a temporary solution. Just moisturize the area, put on some concealer to hide scars, and finish your work with loose powder, and you are done.

As you can see there are a lot of ideas to get rid of Bra Strap Indentations. You can follow these tips without having any hesitation. Because all the ideas are effective. So to get rid of Bra Strap Indentation, make sure you choose the best quality bra, perfect sized bra, eat healthy food, drink plenty of water, use some natural skin masks that we mentioned, if strap indentations appear. Though it may take some time to reduce, you will get rid of this problem.



Q. How To Get Rid Of Bra Strap Indents On Shoulders?

Ans. If your bras are ill-fitted and too much tight then the bra strap can cause indentation problems. This is not that easy to get rid of this but possible to reduce it. You can apply natural masks like sugar or walnut scrub, yogurt and turmeric pack, make an exfoliator using milk, wear sunscreen, drink more water, massage oil and there are also some other ideas to get rid of bra strap indents on the shoulder like using the perfect size bra, using bra strap cushions, silicone bra strap liners, etc.


Q. Do bra strap marks go away?

Ans. Yes, bra strap marks can go away with continuous massages. It will fade away gradually. Essential oils like tea tree oil or lavender oil are beneficial as these oils are nutritious for your skin. But this is sure that you can get rid of the bra strap marks problem.


Q. Is it normal for bras to leave marks?

Ans. If red marks appear from your bra then it’s quite normal. It needs to take some time for adjustments if your new bra is a perfectly fitting one. But an ill-fitted bra can cause indentations that are not okay and you give have to get rid of them by following some tips. Otherwise, it will make your shoulder look worse with bra strap scars.