Straight into the nest. Who are the Basketball Goddesses?

Basketball was the most common sport for girls during school, college and university lives. But as we will be covering a topic about the ten most famous female basketball players from all over this big planet, we already must have understood that this game is not considered just as a girl’s game in schools, colleges, and universities anymore.

Just like guys, girls are extremely focused and can nail this game on bigger platforms as well. Not only that. With basketball, girls can become famous, be champions, earn millions and billions, inspire so many people, get huge numbers of fans and followers, etc. So let us have a look at those insanely talented and famous female basketball players from all over the world who are making their own names and inspiring common women like you and me.

10 World Famous Female Basketball Players

Lindsay Whalen

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Lindsay Marie Whalen is one of the greatest female tennis players in America. She used to play as a point guard on the Minn Plays team for Minnesota Lynx in the WNBA series. She retired as a player in 2018, and currently works as a basketball coach.

Her achievements are – 323 matches in 15 seasons and the most games won by a player in the WNBA series.

Elena Delle Donne 

Elena Delle Donne is considered as a Star in basketball. She is a supremely talented player. She was born and grew up in Delaware where she used to play basketball for the team ‘Blue Hens.’ But, fate had something else written for her. In 2019, she moved to Washington to pursue her professional career as a basketball player. Therefore she started playing for the ‘Washington Mystics’.

Her achievements are – 93.8% free throw shooting percentage which is the highest in WNBA history.

Cynthia Cooper


Cynthia Cooper had a short career. She could play only five years. When WNBA launched her first, her age was already 34. But still she was not rejected because she mesmerized everyone with her playing skills.

Her achievements are – She made the Comets win four WNBA Championships, no player in WNBA history has ever broken or matched Cynthia’s average of 35.2 minutes per game and scoring average of 21.0 points per game.

Lauren Jackson 

Ah! Here comes the beautiful and supremely talented Australian female basketball player Lauren Jackson. One of the greatest basketball players in WNBA history. She played for the team ‘Seattle Storm’ grabbing the championship twice. And MVP of thrice in 12 seasons in total. Most interesting fact about Lauren Jackson is that she is 6’5 foot or 1.95m tall. That is insane but also wow!

Her achievements are – Lauren Jackson’s biggest achievement was when she was included in the 2020 Class of the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame.


Candace Parker


Candace Parker is called the doppelganger of Lisa Leslie because of their weirdly similar playing styles. Some say that Candace is an heir of Lisa by seeing her playing style. Candace Parker’s original place was St. Louis, Missouri. But that is where she did not stop. In 2016, Candace led ‘Los Angeles Sparks’ to the Championship. Currently she is in the center of the ‘Chicago Sky’ in the WNBA.

Her achievements are – A slum – dunk record, triple – double, and a 20 -point, 20 – rebound night in her career.

Tamika Catchings


Tamika Catchings was one of the best American female basketball players who is now retired. She was originally from Stratford, New Jersey. But as a player, she played for ‘Indiana Fever’.

Her achievements are – She was also included in the 2020 Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame, she was the only player to ever record at least 1000 steals.

Maya Moore


Maya Moore is one of the charismatic American female basketball players who is considered as one of the greatest in this era. She is originally from Jefferson City, Missouri. And plays basketball for ‘Minnesota Lynx’.

Her achievements are – She led ‘Minnesota Lynx’ to four WNBA Champions. She was the Naismith Prep Player of the year in the years 2006 and 2007.

Diana Taurasi


Diana Taurasi is one of the most popular American female basketball players with a huge number of fans. She is originally from Glendale, California. But she plays for the Phoenix Mercury.

Her achievements are – She has played over 450 games and featured 13 times in the All-WNBA squad.

Lisa Leslie 


The legendary queen is the freaking role model for all the damn basketball players all over the world. This basketball goddess is originally from Gardena, California, and has played 11 seasons for LA Sparks. This 6’5 inch lady has always known to be a defender’s nightmare.

Her achievements are – Four Freaking Gold Medal Championships in the Olympics.

Carol Blazejowski 


The most famous female basketball player from New Jersey to make history. She is called the mother of basketball.

Her achievements are – She was the first Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame in 1999.

That was all about the article where I portrayed some information about the 10 world-famous female basketball players. Hope you enjoyed it and got your inspiration.


Q/A Sessions –

Who is the current most famous female basketball player?

Sheryl Swoopes is the most famous female basketball player currently.

Who is the prettiest WNBA player?

6’8 feet tall Liz Cambage is the prettiest WNBA player.

Do NBA players get paid weekly?

Most NBA players get paid weekly. But it can vary under different circumstances and procedures.

Who is the highest WNBA player in 2020?

Dewanna Bonner who plays for Connecticut Sun is the highest WNBA player in 2020.

Who has the most WNBA?

The Minnesota Lynx is the winner of most WNBA.

Who is the richest NBA player?

Michael Jordan is the richest NBA player.

Who was the 1st NBA player?

Oscar Benjamin was the 1st NBA player.