Women in Tennis: Straight out of Italia 

Today’s topic is top 10 Italian female tennis players. Before jumping into tennis, we all know that Italy is such a romantic and beautiful country. I myself have stayed there for three long years, and have gradually grown my love for the country. It is a country that will surprise you each day with its culture, food, music, hospitality, everything. What do you say when you hear Italy? I most definitely say pizza. Because they are the world best. But these are all popular topics right? Let’s talk about something that is less popular but also very remarkable in Italy. And that is Tennis. Italy has remarkable positions in tennis as well. And today, we are going to give a big shout-out to 10 Italian female tennis players that empowered other women by proving that we women can do everything. 

Top 10 Italian Female Tennis Players

1. Camila Giorgi

camila giorgi

Camila Giorgi is a twenty-nine year old Italian female tennis player born on 30th December 1991 in Macerata, Italy. When we are talking about the top 10 female Italian players, then Camilla’s name has to be on the top. Because she is considered the best. She is an outstanding tennis player. Her major wins are during 2013 US Open, 2014 BNP Paribas Open, and 2014 Aegon International. She uses a sports bra for tennis while in the field.

Career – She was an excellent gymnast since her childhood. Apart from tennis, she used to train and do the gym with her father and brother. Her best compliment before her professional career started was when 1976 French Open Champion Adriano Panatta said “It is the first time I play with a girl who plays like Andre Agassi”. From 2006 to 2010 was Camilla’s early professional years. In 2011, Camilawas ranked 149 in the WTA ranking. In 2015, she got her first WTA title.

Playing Style – Camilahas an extraordinary and aggressive playing style. When she hits the ball, most of the time it reaches above the sky. She is known to be one of the most energetic female tennis players.

2. Martina Trevisan

martina trevisan tennis

Martina Trevisan is a 27 year old Italian tennis player born on 3rd November 1993. Tennis is related to her blood because she is the youngest sister of Matteo Trevisan who is also a professional tennis player on the ATP World Tour. Martina was ranked number 83 in the WTA ranking in 2020. And that brings her to the number 2 in this list.


3. Jasmine Paolini

jasmine paolini vs schmiedlova prediction

Jasmine Paolini is a 24 year old Italian tennis player born on 4th January 1996. In 2020, Jasmine was ranked number 93 in the WTA ranking. So far in her career, her achievements are eight singles titles and one doubles titles on the ITF Circuit. 

4. Elisabetta Cocciaretto

elisabetta cocciaretto flashscore

Elisabetta Cocciaretto is a 20 year old Italian Tennis Player born on 25th January, 2021. She made it into many platforms in her career. Such as, she made it into the semifinals in 2018 of the 2018 Australian Open Girls’ Singles Tournament. Her FED Cup debut in Italy was also in the year 2018.

5. Sara Errani 

sara errani married

Sara Errani is a thirty three year old Italian tennis player born on 29th April 1987. She got some big achievements in her career bag. She grabbed nine WTA singles and twenty-seven doubles. She won five Glam Slam Doubles Championships and five Premier Mandatory Doubles Titles.

6. Giulia Gatto – Monticone

giulia gatto monticone ranking

Before talking about her, I want to mention that she has a really interesting name. Italians are crazy for cats. And that ‘Gatto’ in her name means cats. I am also a big fan of cats. Okay, so Giulia Gatto – Monticone is a thirty-three-year-old Italian tennis player born on 18th November, 1987. In 2020, in the month of February, Giulia reached her highest ranking of 148 in the WTA Singles. Back in 2014, her best doubles ranking was 200. Giulia won 11 singles titles and 25 doubles titles on the ITF Circuit. 

7. Martina Di Giuseppe

martina di giuseppe vs rebecca sramkova

Martina Di Giuseppe is a thirty-year-old Italian tennis player born on 10th February 1991. She made it into the semifinals of the Bucharest openings which landed her ranking 0f 149 in the WTA singles in 2019. Also, in the same year her doubles ranking was 338. In her career, she has won seven singles and six doubles of the ITF circuit.

8. Bianca Turati

bianca turati tennis

Bianca Turati is a twenty three year old Italian Tennis Player born on 17th June, 1997. In her career, she ranked 278 in the singles in WTA in 2021. In 2016 she had her doubles of 692.

9. Jessica Pieri

Jessica Pieri attorney Source: pinterest

Jessica Pieri is a 24 year old Italian tennis player born on 24th April 1997. In her career, she grabbed 205 singles ranking in 2018 in WTA and doubles of 563 in 2019. She won six ITF titles in total. 

10. Lucia Bronzetti

lucia bronzetti tennis

Q/A Sessions –

Who are some of the hottest female tennis players?

Some of the hottest female tennis players are Eugenie Bouchard, Vitalia Diatchenko, Ajla Tomljanovic, Paula Badosa, Maria Sharapova, Caroline Wozniacki, Camila Giorgi, Dominica Cibulkova, Sloane Stephens, Elina Svitolina.


What is the net worth of Camila Giorgi?

The Italian female tennis player Camila Giorgi earns about US $1.6 million.


How tall is Camila Giorgi?

Camila Giorgi is about 1.68 m or 5’5 foot.


Who is the loudest female tennis player?

Maria Sharapova is known to have the loudest grunts on the field. So, she is the loudest female tennis player.


Why do tennis players eat bananas?

Tennis players rely on fruits for energy. Bananas give instant energy and alertness to tennis players. That is why they eat bananas.

Should I use a padded push-up sports bra while playing tennis?

Why not, obviously you can use a padded push up sports bra while playing tennis. not only tennis but also in other activities.