How to make your own Push Up Bra

How to make your own Push Up Bra

How to make your own Push Up Bra

Hey there. Today the article will give you amazing ideas about how to make your own push up bra. You might be heard about the DIY method, right? It is a kind of method you do it by yourself. Making a bra on your own is something praiseworthy. Not everyone can do this.

If it’s the matter of making a push up bra then just forget about searching and go through this whole article. Because we will provide you all the effective steps to make a push up bra on your own. Before we dive into this topic we will share what is a push up bra and how does it works and after that, we will come to the main point of how to make your own push up bra.

A push up bra is a style of bra which is fashionable that generates the appearance of increased cleavage. It consists of angled cups and the padding pushes your breasts inwards and upwards unto the centre point of the chest. It is actually an underwire demi-cup bra. Women who have flat breasts looking can enhance their bust and create perfect cleavage. This kind of bra is comfortable and also provides a natural lift and rounder look. Women with large or small breasts can wear this type of bra.

Why making a push up bra? Because it gently lifts your breast tissue and gives a better breast shape. Before that let’s talk about the importance of wearing the right bra size. It’s not that easy to pick the correct size or if you somehow pick it then may be you have the wrong cup size or wrong bra band size. It’s a frustrating part of every women’s life when they have to choose the perfect bra for themselves. Wearing a bra is your everyday need. So you must have to purchase the bra according to your breast size and comfortableness or your day becomes horrible all day because of choosing the wrong size.

How to make your own Push Up Bra

How to make your own Push Up Bra

As we have different body types and structures so we need to pick the correct bra style. This article will talk about making a push up bra hacks. We are not started yet. We are giving you beginning information so that you can understand every single step and idea to make your own push up bra. But what if your bra does not suit you or there is no perfect bra available in the lingerie shop? Isn’t it disappointing and makes you feel like stop wearing a bra? You might be deciding that you will never wear a bra again.

Dear, there are lots of women who are facing this kind of problem and looking for tips and tricks to use to get a perfect bra according to their needs. We are promising you we will give you enough knowledge and effective hacks to make a push up bra on your own. Is it seems complicated? Making your own bra? Don’t worry we are there for you! Let’s talk about all the steps to make a bra. This article is especially for those who love to wear push up bras.

You can make the bra with needles, pins, threads, and some other items as well. The sewing method is easier to make a bra perfectly. The very first step you should follow is to pick up a regular bra perfect cup size and band size according to your breast size and shape. Then you need to have needles, threads, and bra paddings. Place your bra pad in the inner side of the bra cup right over your bra underwire and sew it properly. Using bra pads will give you a more comfortable feel and the appearance of breasts look bigger.

Push up bras are smaller than a regular bras. you have to put push up bra underwire first and then go for bra padding. The bra fabric should be made of good material. After that, cut the cup pieces and cup-shaped pieces out of the foam. Remove the actual stitching assignment and keep the stitching assignment toward the underwire line.

Now you use a single layer layout and cut the pieces of foam as a layer. These pieces of foam would be double to shift. After that, the cookie piece cutting four times and then cut the intimate pocket lining. And you are done cutting off.

How to make your own Push Up Bra

How to make your own Push Up Bra

Now, this is the time to sewing. Before that stitch and bitt the edges. Push your bra in a way so that there is no gap left. step by step you will see the progress that you are taking steps and your bra is getting ready. Now take the pocket lining piece and sew it down the upper edge stitching division. This piece is made against the inside of that foam lining.

The next step is to use a safety pin or pinning in a way so that the stitching division hangs over the foam. Better you choose a longer and wider zigzag stitch is better fastening and it keeps everything in the same place. You are already done with a formed bra cup. You need two layers of foam for the cookies. It’s better to use an overlock stitch. Sew the first and second piece lace cup together. Push the stitching divisions unto the topstitch from the edge and the side of the cup.

Okay, you are one more step behind the complete task. Now you take the lace cup pieces and lay them on the foam cup. Check out if any wrinkles are there while you sewing them over. After sewing check out the smooth point and pin them. If you find any excess parts that go of the edges just cut them down. It’s better to use a 2.0 width and length zig zag. Now stitch the upper edge of the bra’s lace to the foam lace. Follow the same process for another cup. and you are done with making your own push up bra. If you are ignorant about sewing and making bra cups then you can take advice from some experienced person or just go to a seamstress or you can follow our steps one by one and try out to make your homemade push up bra. Never forget to take your bra measurement and choosing the actual bra size that you need. Take your bra band size and cup size as well. Do not take larger cup sizes or small cup sizes.

That’s all about making a push up bra by your hand. All the steps are necessary to follow. If you feel like it’s difficult to make a bra by your hand then take advice or try few times gently. You will be able to make your own bra that’s what we believe because we got positive reviews from the blog readers as they got benefitted from this article. So it doesn’t matter whether you are a large-busted woman or small-breasted woman. You can make your homemade push up bra according to your breasts size.

Though there are various types of bras available with extra padding options, adjustable straps options, strapless options, and many more. Still, we made this article for push up bra lovers. So if they don’t have their perfect size push up bra then they can make it with their own hand.

Q. How to Make a Push Up Bra at Home?

Ans. Wearing a bra is a part of a woman’s everyday wear. But what if you cannot find the right and perfect style of bra? You can make it on your own. You can make a push up bra at home.

Push up bras are the type of bra that generates the appearance of increased cleavage. It consists of angular padding that pushes your breasts inwards and upwards unto the centre point of the chest.

You can make a push up bra at home by taking the help of needles, threads, pads and by following the sewing method. Take all the necessary items together, take the perfect measure according to your needs, create the bra cup with padding, and cut off unnecessary parts. All the task you have to do is by stitching. If you feel like you cannot make it then go to a seamstress.

Q. What can I use if I don’t have a push up bra?

Ans. If you don’t have a push up bra then don’t worry about this. You have alternative options to choose from. But it’s better to buy a push up bra if you don’t have any because it deserves to be in your lingerie wardrobe.

If you don’t have a push up bra then you can use tape. You can use sports tape, gaffer tape or some other types of designed tape to lift your breasts. You can also use cutlets as well or you can get fitted in a way that you don’t need any push up bra.

Q. How do you make a strapless push up bra?

Ans. It’s not that difficult task to make a strapless push up bra. Just you have to follow some steps to make a bra on your own.

The very first thing you have to do is taking a regular bra strap. Hook the strap onto the back of your bra on one side and bring it around your back. After that hook it onto the back of your bra on the other side. It is one of the easiest ways to make a strapless push up bra. Try it on your own and wear it. It’s a different kind of satisfaction to wear a handmade bra by yourself.

Q. How do you make push up bars?

Ans. If you want to make push up bars then you have to follow some steps. We are sharing those effective steps to make push up bars.

In the first step, you need Material. -3/4″ PVC pipe, then step two is about measure and cut. Standard Hand Grip Piece: 6.75″ (x2), then step three is about connecting and glue all of the cutting pieces into place. After that step four is about applying foam grip and finally step five is to get your push ups on and you are done.

Q. What is the best brand for push up bra?

Ans. Push up bras are a kind of bra that generates the appearance of increased cleavage. One of the popular types of bra. So we are sharing the best brand for push up bras. So that you can purchase the best quality lingerie collection.

One of the best push up bra brand is Triumph International Padded Push-Up Bra. Except for this, you can also try Calvin Klein Padded Push-Up Bra, Van Heusen Padded Wired Push-Up Bra, Jockey Full Coverage Shaper Bra, Bwitch Fashion Lace Push-Up Bra, Zivame Printed Padded Wired Push-Up Bra, Soie Padded Wired Push-Up Bra, or Amante Underwire Padded Push-Up Bra. We are offering these bras because they are customer’s choice and the most star rating lingerie collections.

How to Tighten a Bra Strap

How to Tighten a Bra Strap

How to Tighten a Bra Strap

     How to tighten bra strap? A common question and the solutions are easy. This article will talk about all the effective ideas to tighten a bra strap. Why do you need to tighten your bra strap? It’s because you have loose bra straps or may be the elasticity power of your bra is gone or may be some other reason. Sliding down the bra strap is really disturbing when you are on the outside. Adjusting it over and over is really embarrassing sometimes.

We will give you a complete guide about why you need to tighten the bra strap. Do not skip this article. Just keep reading to know all the detailed ideas about today’s topic of how to tighten a bra strap easily. Finding the perfect fit bra is a tough decision so you have to adjust it and tighten bra straps properly for a comfortable fit.

This is true that bra straps can be your friend and also can be the enemy of your life. Either they give you a comfortable fit or may be left your skin with redness or might be cause skin irritation problems. If it’s too tight straps then you face skin problem and if it’s too loose straps then it slips off from the shoulder. Most often it occurs because of the wrong bra size. Whether you choose the wrong band size or may be the cup size. Determine the correct band size and cup size to get the perfect fit. if still, you need to adjust the bra with straps then adjust it by the DIY method.

How to Tighten a Bra Strap

How to Tighten a Bra Strap

The very first idea is to lift the straps. Lift your bra straps a bit and lift the bra straps either at the top of the strap or closer to the slide adjuster in your bra. Move the slide adjuster that moves up and down and adjust the bra with one hand. This metal or plastic clip is the option that made your bra adjustment easier. After that, pull the front of the bra strap toward the top of the cup using the other hand. Now you can tighten bra straps and shorten them by adjusting. Until you feel snug, adjust it properly.

Try to avoid any gaps and ensure that you have room for adjustment. Never start wearing a bra in the tightest position. Try to choose one size down bra band. If you cannot make it right then you have some alternative options as well. You can try a strapless, convertible, or racerback style of bra. You can also try triangle convertible straps bra. A super-soft, wire-free multiway type of bra with a seamless design. It also has slim straps that you can wear crisscrossed or traditionally.

You can pick the racerback style as it helps to avoid strap slippage. Because the straps exist inward to meet across the back. You can also try the strapless bra as well. They have an adhesive part that sticks on your skin without having any bra straps. You will get support without bra straps and you don’t need to tighten your bra straps.

How to Tighten a Bra Strap

How to Tighten a Bra Strap

sometimes your bra loses its elasticity power when you use it for a long time. At that time, you cannot tighten your bra or adjust it anyway. So better purchase a new one. Your body shape also matters when you pick a bra. Sometimes you could have a narrow or sloping shoulder that makes you suffer the bra loose problem and you have to adjust it and tighten it.

Why do you need to tighten your bra straps? It’s because you need enough comfort and support for your breasts, you need to lift them up, you need to keep your bra straps in the same place so that they won’t fall off on your shoulder. Never believe the myth that your bra will fit on the tightest hook. The perfect fit comes when your bra straps are in the middle or outer hooks. Check out where you get the best fitting and choose the hook from outer to the middle of the hook.

There is another case that your bra that needs to be tightened. When you wear your bra for a long time and wash it over and over again then the bra started to lose its stretching power. You can also follow some other ideas like using a safety pin to tighten your shoulder straps until you buy a new one. Gather the bra straps in the back where your bra straps meet the bra band. After that, make a small “s” shape at the base of the bra straps. Now you place a safety pin for holding it perfectly. You can follow the sewing method as well. Bra strap clip and tie the bra straps together for bra keep the bra strap fit. You can also make a home made racerback design bra with your hand. Just be careful about not keeping too tight or loose bra straps. These are some other effective methods for everyone.

So ultimately we come to the point that If you need to tighten your bra strap then it might be because of the wrong bra band size or may be your bra loses its stretching power. Sometimes it happens because of having narrow shoulders or sloping shoulders, sometimes the adjusting problem or sometimes bra strap loosening problem indicates that you need a new bra. To solve these problems all you have to do is to follow the effective simple hacks that we have discussed above. We hope that you will be able to tighten your bra strap very easily whether you have a small breast size or larger breasts. Just forget about the bra loosening problem and tighten your bra straps according to your comfort zone.

Q. How to Tighten Bra Straps? And Why Loose Straps Are Not Good?

Ans. Tighten bra straps is a necessary part when you wear a bra. Another thing is loose bra straps and it is not good because it irritates you, embarrasses you when they fall into your shoulder and the main thing is if your bra straps are loose then you cannot get enough support, comfort, and coverage. Either you need to tighten your bra straps or loosen your bra straps are the main problem when you wear a bra.

When your bra straps are loose then you need to tighten them. If you want to tighten the bra straps you need to follow some effective ideas to tighten straps. The first thing, you have to choose the right size of bra that has a perfect band size and cup size. If the bra has adjustable straps then it’s much easier than any other idea to tighten bra straps. So, adjusting bra straps is the easiest solution. Until you feel snug, adjust the straps properly. So, having adjustable straps is a blessing.

You can also make the bra custom fit by sewing or pining or you can also use a safety pin as well. sew your bra with your favorite outfits so that it won’t fall and stay tightened in a way that you don’t need to adjust it anymore.

Having Loose bra straps is a problematic part. If you have loose bra straps your bra cannot lift your breasts properly, cannot provide you enough support and comfort. You need to adjust it over and over again. You feel disturbed that made you feel unsatisfied with your gorgeous outfit as well. So, It’s better to try the perfect size bra or to tighten the bra properly.

Q. How can I make my bra straps smaller?

Ans. Making bra straps smaller is not so difficult task. You have to follow some necessary steps to make your bra straps smaller. So we are sharing the effective steps how to shorten the bra straps.

First, decide how much you want to shorten the bra straps. Then undo the sewing of the stitching on the hooks and eyes of the bra. Cut your bra band down to a size that you are expecting. Narrower the band end and sew the hook and eye parts back. And you are done making the bra straps smaller.

Q. Why is my bra band is so tight?

Ans. Most often your bra band seems so tight when you try a wrong size bra or may be you adjusted in wrong hooks so it tight too much. And if you have sensitive skin then it may cause you to face skin problems.

The bra band is the part that provides support to your busts. So if the bra band is loose, then you need to adjust it and tighten it for the perfect and comfortable feel. You might be unconsciously tightened it too much. And later on, you see red marks or face skin irritation problems on your skin. Either your band is too tight or too small that made you suffer. The major problem is about the size and your adjusting mistake.

Q. What do you do when your bra straps are too long?

Ans. Bra straps might be too long because of the wrong size. If your bra straps are too long then all you have to do is adjusting or checking if you need some other size. You can focus on our ideas to check when you purchase a bra. So that you won’t pick a bra with too long straps.

If you see your bra straps are too long then you can adjust them or tighten the bra straps. This is the easiest and the most effective solution when the bra has too long straps. You should check the bra size regularly so that you can replace your bra according to your need. You can also go for a smaller cup size or try a different bra style. Because wearing the same bra is boring so try something new.

Q. What bra has straps that don’t fall down?

Ans. About majority of women face bra strap fall down problems. When your bra straps slip into the shoulder it makes you feel uncomfortable. So here we are offering you the 5 best bras that stay in the same place and never fall down.

We are offering you the first and one of the best quality bra Wacoal Basic Beauty T-Shirt Bra. Then you can also go for Goddess Keira Banded Satin Bra, Bali Lace Convertible Wire-Free Bra, Glamorise ComfortLift Posture Back Support Bra, Maidenform One Fab Fit Lace T-Back Bra and also you have plenty of options available in the lingerie shop but these are customers choices.

How to Turn a Bra into a Strapless Bra

How to Turn a Bra into a Strapless Bra

How to Turn a Bra into a Strapless Bra

     Wearing a bra is a necessary part of a woman. But if the matter is about your outfit type then you must choose the bra according to your dress design. This article is about how to turn a bra into a strapless bra and we are going to dive into this topic.

     There are lots of designing bras available in the lingerie shop but you have to choose the perfect one according to your need. Or if the matter is about making a bra into a strapless one then you have to follow some tips and tricks. So we are here. Today we will share all the amazing hacks to turn a bra into a strapless bra. Let’s talk about bra hacks to make a bra strapless from a regular bra. 

     Why do we wear strapless bras? What’s the purpose? Though there is almost zero support for your breasts when you wear a strapless or backless bra. You wear a strapless bra for a complete look with your off-shoulder dress and backless or strapless dress. When someone tries a backless dress with a normal bra they must feel embarrassing as the bra straps show off and going braless is not a good idea. So, you have to wear a strapless bra, or maybe you need to make the regular bra into a strapless one.

How to Turn a Bra into a Strapless Bra

How to Turn a Bra into a Strapless Bra

     Sometimes the current bra does not look perfect with your outfit. So you need to change or turn to convert the bra according to your need. Choosing the perfect bra is must necessary like any other product you use for yourself. Having the perfect look is an inner pleasure. But you suffer when you have a tricky neckline dress like backless, strapless, off-the-shoulder tops or dresses. At that moment, if you don’t have a strapless bra you need to follow some ideas or tricks to make it strapless. Let’s talk about some DIY methods. 

Choose removable straps or converter straps 

     You can choose a removable straps or converter straps bra so that when necessary you can remove the straps or convert the straps into strapless and get the perfect look with your off-the-shoulder dress. Detachable straps are really helpful, right? Of course, it is!

     You have to hook the bra strap on the back on one side and then bring it around your back by pulling. Pull the strap around the front right away down to both cups, to the other side. After that hook it on the other side and attach it. And you are done with an extra supportive strapless bra that will not make any slippage problem. So, you will feel comfortable with the bra. So, you can remove the bra straps as well as you can convert the bra into a strapless bra.  

Turn a bra into strapless by sewing

     Imagine, you have an amazing party to attend. You must be looking for a strapless bra for a party but you don’t have one. You can just convert a bra in a way that makes it a strapless bra. You have to choose a perfect fit bra first. You can do it with the help of sewing.

     Take your bra on a flat surface, use fabric scissors, to cut off your regular bra straps from the back and front of the regular bra to sew the strapless version directly into your dress. You can try this idea when you need to wear strapless, backless, low-back, and dresses. You just need a sewing machine to make this lingerie a strapless one. If you don’t have any idea about sewing then go for a pro trailer. Also, you can do this with a needle and thread. 

How to Turn a Bra into a Strapless Bra

How to Turn a Bra into a Strapless Bra

Hide Straps 

     If you need to quickly fix the bra with straps for any kind of party or event then you can hide your bra straps and turn it into a strapless bra that completely suits your off-the-shoulder dress. you can call this hack last-minute fashion tips for you. All you have to do is tucking your bra straps down into the cups of the bra. Make sure the band size is ok or otherwise it may cause problems. 

     Sometimes we see gaps within the cups. So the cup size matters as well. When you hide your bra straps maybe you need to think about the perfect support and coverage. So you can use fashion tape or double-sided stick tape to solve this problem. This is another strap hack to turn the bra into a strapless one and wear under your favorite off-shoulder outfit. You can also create bra strap extensions.

Use Bra Converting Clips 

     When it comes to choosing the perfect bra according to your need it becomes a mess. So, we are sharing all the effective hacks to turn a regular bra into a strapless bra especially for your strapless dress. It’s not that easy to turn the bra strapless and get a comfortable feel.

     This is true that the body shapes and bust size matter as well. When you need to change the regular bra into a strapless version you can use a bra clip or bra converting clip or paper clip. For making a strapless style you can try this magical hack. Hide the straps inward at the back by using clips. Trust me it will work flawlessly.

Bra Strap Converter

     There is one more thing available in the lingerie shops and that is bra strap converters. This converter links to your bra to pull it in the center of the band downward by around 10 centimeters. you can also replace the visible straps by using an invisible strap bra. So that the bra straps won’t highlight that much. 

Tuck The Straps into The Bra Cups 

     Another quick fix idea is tucking the bra straps into the bra cups and make it a strapless version. Though you will not get enough support it’s an effective emergency quick solution. You can try this idea if you have a well-fitting bra or it may fall from your skin. 

     So, we are done sharing all the essential bra hacks to turn a regular bra into a strapless one for your wonderful off-the-shoulder, strapless, or backless dress. You can use any of the ideas to make the strap bra strapless. These hacks are for those who don’t want to face any mess or trouble in purchasing the best bra according to their outfit. Customize your bra according to your need for a temporary solution. We hope that all these ideas are the best alternative hacks to use when you need to make the strapless. So, try to do an experiment on these hacks to turn a bra into a strapless bra. 

Q. How to Make A Strapless Bra from Your Regular Bra?

Ans. This is sad but true that most of the women have faced the bra straps showing a problem when they try an off-shoulder, backless or strapless dress. There are some effective ideas to make a regular bra into a strapless bra. 

     When you buy a strapless dress you don’t want to show bra straps on your shoulder. What if you don’t have a strapless bra? don’t worry you can turn your regular bra into a strapless one by using some effective hacks. The first thing is you should have a perfect fit normal bra.

     You can choose a removable or convertible strap bra so that you can convert them into a strapless one. You can hide your bra straps, you can tuck your bra straps into the cups, use converting bra clips or paper clips, use bra strap converter, also you can use a fashion tape or double-sided stick tape to hide your bra straps. Hopefully, you will be satisfied with these quick-fix temporary hacks when you need to wear an off-shoulder dress. 

Q. What can you wear instead of a bra?

Ans. If you are tired of wearing a bra for a long time and want some change then you can try some other styles of bra. Also, there are some alternatives instead of wearing a bra. 

     Instead of wearing a bra, you can try tight tank tops, the easiest and simplest alternative to a bra. You can also wear tank tops that have a built-in bra, fashion tapes, nipple covers, nipple pasties, scarves, bralettes, and also there are some designing dresses available that you can wear without wearing a bra. 

Q. Is it OK to show bra straps?

Ans. Yes, it is perfectly fine if you are comfortable showing the bra straps in any event or in a public place. But if any women feel uncomfortable then they can hide it under their outfit. 

     Yes, wearing a bra that shows off the straps on your shoulder is okay but not appropriate in any working place or formal occasion. You need to be gentle enough to follow some etiquette in a formal event but if it’s about a non-formal party then you are free to show your bra straps. 

Q. How do I convert the straps bra into strapless?

Ans. You can easily convert your regular-type bra into a strapless one. We are sharing how to turn a bra into a strapless bra.

     You can convert the bra by tucking it under the cups, You can use an adjustable bra or removable strap bra so that you can remove the bra straps and get a strapless bra. Hook the bra strap on the back on one side and then bring it around your back by pulling. Then pull the strap around the front right away down to both cups, to the other side. After that hook it on the other side and attach it. You can also add clips or converters to make a regular strap bra strapless. Sticking a fashion tape is another effective quick solution. Also, you have other options too like hiding straps, sewing straps, and so on. 

Q. What is the best type of strapless bra?

Ans. When you try a backless off-shoulder dress the strapless bras are the most appropriate choice for you. We are offering you the best type of strapless bra names for the perfect look with your excellent strapless dress. 

     It’s true that there are so many tips and tricks to make a regular bra a strapless one but most of them are temporary solutions. So choosing a strapless bra is the best permanent solution for off-shoulder tops or outfits. You can try Lively Lace Strapless which is the best overall strapless bra among all. You can also try Thirdlove 24/7 Classic, DKNY Sheers Strapless Underwire, Wacoal Red Carpet Full Bust Underwire for big busts and Aerie Real Happy Strapless Push Up for best lifting. Except for these best options, you can also get some other strapless lingerie collections as well. 

Kim Yeon Koung – Best Female Volleyball Player

Kim Yeon Koung – Best Female Volleyball Player

There is not a single soul who does not know what volleyball is. Volleyball has become super popular over the years. People love watching volleyball, people love playing volleyball, people love talking about volleyball, people love to put their bets on volleyball.

There are so many fun memories and happy times related to volleyball. I guess all of you reading this, also enjoyed volleyball growing up. The question is not about whether it is your favorite sport or not. The matter is we all love volleyball or most of us do. Today’s topic is basically about the best female volleyball player who is wonderful in her career, made records, and won our hearts. Let’s give a big shout-out to her.

kim yeon koung

When it comes to the question of best volleyball players, then the name that first comes on the list is Yeon – Koung Kim. She was born in Ansan, South Korea on 26th February 1988. She is known as the outside hitter and titled as the Captain of the South Korean National Team. At present, she is playing for Heungkuk Life.

Life before Professional Career – Volleyball runs in her family. Her oldest sister was a volleyball player as well. And, she was inspired by her sister a lot to take this seriously. She used to face difficulties in volleyball in the early stages because her height was less than 5’7’’. At times she thought about leaving volleyball and switching to soccer.

But there was a voice inside her that always told her not to give up, and kept trying. After three years of constant practice and hard work, her height grew. And that was it. She was determined that volleyball is her ultimate goal.

She was selected for the World Grand Champions Cup where she grabbed the 3rd position. Her professional career started when she was selected in the first round of the V – league Draft by the Cheonan Heungkuk Life.

Career Years –

2005 – 2009 – She was busy with the Korean V – League.

2009 – 2011 – She was part of the Japanese V. Premier League.

2011 – 2017 – She was part of the Fenerbahce.

2017 – 2018 – She was part of the Chinese Super League.

2018 – 2019 – Eczacibasi was on her plate.

Kim Yeon Koung Wins Awards

Awards – Best Scorer of World Grand Championship in 2009, Best Scorer and Spiker of Asian Cup in 2010, Best Spiker of Asian Championship in 2011, Most Valuable Player of CEV Champions League from 2011 to 2012.

Best Scorer of CEV Champions League from 2011 to 2012, Most Valuable Player and Best Scorer of Olympic Games in 2012,

Best Scorer of Asian Championship in 2009, 2011, and 2013,

Best Server of Asian Championship in 2013, Most Valuable Player of CEV Cup from 2013 to 2014,

Best Opposite Spiker of Asian Cup in 2014, Best Outside Spiker of CEV Champion League from 2015 to 2016,

Best Outside Spiker Of Asian Championship in 2015 opposite with Zhu Ting, in 2017 opposite with Chatchu – On Moksri, in 2019 opposite Mayu Ishikawa,

Best Outside Spiker of FIVB Club World Championship in 2019. Besides volleyball, she had done other things as well.

Her TV appearances –

Running Man, I Live Alone, Sister’s Slam Dunk, Our Neighbourhood Arts and Physician Education, Non – Summit, Infinite Challenge, Hello Counselor, Master in the House, Hangout with Yoo, Knowing Bros, Bob Bless You 2, Strong Heart (TV Series).

Her Published Book –

It Is Not Yet the End (two copies. One for elders, and one for the children).

This was the summary About this gem named Yeon – Koung Kim. Many new and awesome volleyball players might come in the future. But articles like these stay forever. Today, she is making history, making records, inspiring millions of girls out there who have a passion for volleyball like her but do not have the courage to go for it. This name will be special. Because this name has been titled as the Best Female Volleyball Player in the 21st Century. I hope you have enjoyed reading this article. And I hope women like her can inspire you, guide you to follow your dreams.


Q/A Sessions –

Who are the top 5 female volleyball players?

The top 5 female volleyball players are Yeon – Koung Kim, Misty – May Treanor, Kerri Walsh Jennings, Sheilla Castro, and Zhu Ting.


Who is known to be the most beautiful volleyball player?

Saori Kimura from Japan is known to be the most beautiful volleyball player.


What do female volleyball players wear under their shorts?

This is an interesting question. And the answer is more interesting. They wear nothing under those shorts. Their shorts are custom made in a way that it plays the role of both the underwear and shorts. If they try to wear underwear inside those shorts, then this will be a disaster. Underwears will soak the sweat of the thighs, and the sweat will be visible on the shorts.

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Is Puma a Good Brand?

Is Puma a Good Brand?

About Puma Brand: is Puma a Good Brand

Many people have a question in mind that, Is Puma a Good Brand? let’s know about puma in detail. Puma may be a German company that was established in 1948 by Rudolf Dassler. cougar produces and sales sports classes like sports shoes and sport consumer goods for various sorts of sports like soccer and golf. Puma sports bra are the most popular in the world of sports-women.

cougar is taken into account because the third triple-crown complete at this field; the opposite 2 corporations area unit Greek deity and Adidas (Puma, n.d.).The most ordinarily created cougar product area unit the athletic cougar shoes which because of the very fact that the primary puma’s product was shoes. For additional details, the cougar initial soccer sneaker was created in 1948 and it had been worn within the initial soccer match when the war by Victor Herbert Burdenski;

the scorer World Health Organization scored the primary goal when the war (Puma,n.d.). Likewise, forty-eighth of cougar profits from footwear makes it the foremost commerce cougar product (Puma, 2013). cougar shoes contain different types of sneakers for various sorts of sports like trainers, soccer shoes, and cricket shoes. Pairs of shoes manufactured by puma also popular along with the puma sports bra for women.

History of Puma Brand

Puma SE, branded as the catamount, could be a German international corporation that styles and manufactures athletic and casual footwear, attire, and accessories, that is headquartered in Herzogenaurach, Bavaria, Germany. catamount is the third-largest garb manufacturer in the world. The corporation was supported in 1948 by Rudolf Dassler. In 1924, Rudolf and his brother Adolf Dassler had conjointly shaped the corporate Gebrüder Dassler Schuhfabrik (Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory).

The connection between the 2 brothers deteriorated till the 2 united to separate in 1948, forming 2 separate entities, Adidas and catamount. Each corporation is presently based mostly in Herzogenaurach, Germany. Puma has been a public company since 1986, listed on the Frankfurt on the Main securities market. French luxury cluster Kering (formerly referred to as Pinault-Printemps-Redoute or PPR) holds the Sixteen Personality Factor Questionnaire, Kering’s largest shareowner Artemis militia owns twenty-ninth of the share capital.

Since 1st July 2013, the corporation has been operated by former soccer skilled Bjørn Gulden (CEO). As of 2017, catamount SE employs over thirteen,000 individuals worldwide and distributes its merchandise in additional than one hundred twenty countries. Following the split from his brother, Rudolf Dassler originally registered the new-established company as Ruda, however later modified the name to catamount.

Puma’s earliest emblem consisted of a square. and a beast jumping through a D, that was registered, together with the company’s name, in 1948. Catamount’s shoe and consumer goods styles feature the Puma emblem and also the distinctive “Formstrip” that was introduced in 1958.

Varieties,Colours & Logo

Puma shoe company has a singular style, victimization, and technology; the shoes’ molds are injected with the sunshine foam materials by L.I.F.T (Lite Injected Foam Technology). As a result, this manner decreases the load of the shoes that makes the shoes flair and speedy. Moreover, it saves the materials of the shoes/cheaper to make; as a result of this method there’s no would like for -sutures and adhesions- method.

Additionally, catamount shoes are designed in a very method that enables the feet to breathe some recent air that makes the shoe swish and comfy for the user. Additionally, the catamount shoes are created to forestall friction and slippy therefore it protects the one who wears them from any inflectional morphology.

There are the most colors for every form of shoes and additionally, clients|the purchasers|the shoppers} will be tailored by the customer. As an example, the client will amendment the color of over ten components of the shoe to match the customer’s taste; from the sole to the catamount brand. This offers the client United Nations agency liked the look of the shoes however not its colors the power to vary it to suit his style and his outfit.

Moreover, the catamount brand stands for a jumping Puma; a kind of cat that will leap with a 1 bounce to twenty feet high. The catamount brand is put on every of Puma’s products and its shoes. This brand expresses the strength, the speed, and therefore the power that catamount has in its shoes.


Puma sponsors many sports groups, players, athletes, and even coaches from completely different countries. It sponsors many national soccer groups like the European country team, the European national team, and the Suisse team. What’s additional, European country’s national team won the FIFA tournament in 2006 and also the players were sporting blue mountain lion shoes.

Mountain lion conjointly sponsors running athletics like Usain Bolt and Moses Kipsiro. Usain Bolt is the quickest man in the world. Additionally, sponsors of golfers like Lexi Thompson World Health Organization won the Navistar LPGA Classic in 2011 and turned from Novice player to the youngest skilled player at golf.

Events & Advertisement 

Puma holds events for various sports in several places within the world to market their merchandise. As an example, a mountain lion commanded a campaign “SOoo Fast” in 2005 that challenged the fact that mountain lions have a spirit of glee and journey. The event was regarding individuals carrying shoes of mountain lion Sooo quick and doing totally different activates like a diversion.

The aim of ‘Sooo Fast’ campaign was to point out the workout and mental effort mixed with fun. Still, there’s a calendar for the approaching events on mountain lion websites to tell individuals regarding their events, they update it monthly and this month they need nine approaching events.

Puma advertisements are thus vibrant, artistic, and attention-grabbing. They use totally different media to advertise their merchandise like TV, social media, banners, and posters. Advertising on social media is continually enticing and is spoken on to the customers’ minds by victimizing the words “you, your, we, us” and once each shoe ad they are saying “share your shoe footage and tag our account”.

This manner is extremely helpful to social media users UN agency wishes to share everything they need and take or purchase everything they don’t need to share with others. Moreover, the banners they use are thus artistic and innovative; typically they use animal or background that matches the shoe’s colors and typically they produce enticing styles that show the strength of the shoe.


Puma whole wishes to deliver its message to its customer’s minds that they’re not an organization that produces sports classes only for sports with no different purpose. However, wildcat could be a company that mixes the game and therefore the modus vivendi along and makes them one whole that is referred to as “Sportlifestyle”.

For a lot of clarification, wildcat mixes its performance that’s all concerning the strength, gracefulness, and technical innovations with the life-style that’s influenced by cultural connection, leadership variety of urban and thrilling style innovation.

wildcat is making an attempt to offer the players from Sportlifestyle whole relishment|the thrill} and it’s making an attempt to create them enjoy each joyful moment in each game. Moreover, wildcat says from its advertisements that we tend to area unit creating the client enjoys the game in his existence while not forgetting the style and magnificence influences.

Designs and ideas of wildcat shoes area unit being traced and imitated by the competitive corporations that typically create shoes higher than wildcat shoes. Since the competitors are unit higher than wildcat, they get the advantage of being the simplest in manufacturing shoes so wildcat loses its customers.

Some of the wildcat’s Asian competitors copy the wildcat shoe styles and manufacture a similar variety of shoes with the Puma brand on them at cheaper costs. Therefore, wildcat loses their customers UN agency area unit searching for lower costs.

Cheap Price Adjustable Sports Bra for Women

Cheap Price Adjustable Sports Bra for Women

Cheap Price Adjustable Sports Bra for Women 

Bra is one of the most used female underwear. It is worn to protect and keep the shape of the breasts. There are various kinds of bra such as cotton bra, padded bra, lace bra, sports bra, push-up bra, bikini bra, casual bra and more. Each has a different purpose. For example, cotton bras are worn for comfort as they are really soft. On the other hand, push-up bras are worn to make the breasts look filled. It is important that you choose the right bra dor the right purpose.

Sports bras are worn during sports or workouts. They have some special features. You can not workout or play sports wearing your regular or push-up bra, you need a sports bra. When you are doing any physical activities like running, working out, yoga or sports, your breasts bounce a lot. Even if you wear your tightest push-up bra, you can not control the bounce. But the bounce must be controlled. If not the ligaments around your breast might break and your breasts get sagged. And if it does once, there is no coming back. But sports bra is made in such a way that they absorb the bounce and shock and keep the breasts stable.

There are mainly three types of sports bra based on the impact level. There are high-impact sports bra, medium-impact sports bra, and low-impact sports bra. The high-impact sports bra provides maximum support. They support any kind of high impact activity like boxing, running, working out or any heavy sports. The medium and low impact bra provide support during regular daily physical activities like jogging, yoga, cycling, gymming, hiking, etc.

Before you choose one first you should make sure for what purpose you are getting one. Besides, the size is also really important. So, make sure you get the right size. If you can get adjustable sports bra, then it will be the best. You can adjust an adjustable bra according to your preference. If you are looking for an adjustable sports bra, then we have made a list of some of the best. Take a look at them and it might help you choose one.


Nike Women’s Alpha Dri-FIT Adjustable Sports Bra:

This is a high support sports bra by Nike. and it is needless to say anything new about Nike. they have been producing some of the best sports bra for a long time now. This bra is made of a combined fabric of polyester and spandex. The spandex gives you a perfect fit. The fabric has Nike’s signature Dri-FIT technology which wicks away the moisture and sweat from the skin and keeps you dry and cool which also help you to maintain a perfect fitting. The cups are molded which keeps the shape of the breasts and provides extra support.

The bra has a front ventilation which allows the air to pass and keeps you cool during the workout. The bra has adjustable back closure which allows you to adjust the straps and get the perfect fit. As mentioned, it is a high support bra and is perfect for running, boxing, weight training, etc. You can get one for your high-impact activities and the bra will reduce the bounce at a maximum level. To know more about the bra, visit the link below.



PUMA Women’s Seamless Cheap Price Adjustable Sports Bra with Removable Cups:

This bra the st ever made by Puma as we all know, how good Puma is when it comes to sports wears. The bra is made of 84% Nylon, 11% spandex, and 5% polyester. The unique combination gives this bra a great softness and comfort with a great fitting yet with perfect breathability. The fabric is moisture-wicking. It does not allow any moisture or sweat to build on the skin.

It immediately soaks the moisture from the skin and keeps you dry and cool. The bra is pull-on closure. The cups are removable and it gives you an option to clean them well and put them back. The straps are adjustable and with this, you can have a great fitting according to your need. This is a medium-impact bra and is perfect for all daily and regular activities like jogging, gymming or yoga. To learn more, visit the below link

adidas Women’s Don’t Rest Primeknit LUX Breathable Workout Bra:

This bra is produced by Adidas and is one of the best and cheap price adjustable sports bra you can get in the market. The fabric is really soft, lightweight, and comfortable. The bra is made of moisture-wicking fabric which absorbs sweats or any kind of moisture from the skin and keeps you dry during the workout. It is a medium-impact bra and perfect for any kind of medium and low-impact activities like jogging, walking, yoga, cycling or gymming.

It has padded cups which gives a great compression and reduce the level of bounce. The bra has a soft and comfortable underband which gives it better support. It is back closure style bra and the straps are adjustable so, you can adjust the size according to your body. You will find various sizes and colors in this bra. It is a breathable and stylish bra. You will know more about the bra by clicking the link.

Core 10 Women’s Full Figure Bounce Control Front-Zip Sports Bra:

This bra is made of 75% polyester and 25% elastane. The bra is a universal fit which means it will fit any body type. The bra is specially made for running. The fabric is really soft and light. It is moisture-wicking and keeps you dry and cool. The bra is zip-front closure which gives it an easy entry. It is easy to get on and get off. The zip also ensures the stability of the breasts that gives you confidence to workout. The bra has padded cups. These soft paddings provides a good shape to your breasts and keep them in a stable position by compressing them. The bra is perfectly breathable.

Though it is specially designed for running, but you can use it as a great high impact bra. It will provide great support during any heavy sports, jogging, gymming, weight training and more. The bra has adjustable and wide straps which gives you an option to adjust it perfectly matching with your body and the wider straps gives perfect support. To know more about this bra, visit the below link.