Best Sports Bra Collection: Undergarments are a kind of clothing that is generally worn under regular clothes. It is the layer of clothes that are worn with direct contact with the skin. They do not serve any specific function.

They protect the outerwear from being spoiled by body gestures, keeps us away from the irritation caused by the friction of the outer clothes against our skin. It also shapes the body and in cold weather works as an extra source of warmth. 

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There are some special types of inner-wear with special functionality and some of them carry religious significance. Some undergarments are made with such textile that they serve as nightwear or swimsuits and some are made for sexual attraction or appeal. Undergarments are worn by both men and women, but they are different in style and functionality.

PRETTYWELL Comfortable Bras, Seamless Wire Free Everyday Bras

The female underwear comes in different kinds, shapes, fashion, and functionality. The collection of female underwear is called ‘Lingerie’ together. The use of underwear by females is dated back centuries. Women of all classes used underwear from ancient times. The style and use of outer clothing have evolved by the passage of time, so did inner-wear. 

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In recent times some of the most popular underwear worn by women are, pushup sports bra, sports bra, t-shirt sports bra, padded sports bra, soft-padded sports bra, lace sports bra, tube bra, stick-on bra, strapless sports bra, bikini women sports bra, nursing sports bra or maternity bra, front zipper sports bras, silicone bra, tank tops, cupless bra, etc. are for the upper body. And regular panties, classic briefs, shorts, French cut panties, hipster, thongs, G-strings, skin shorts, tanga wears, lace detailed panties, scarlet kiss, two side knot panties, tap pants, etc. are for the lower body. The nightwear and swimsuits also count as innerwear.

The ancient Greek women used to wear a kind of bra called ‘Apodesme’. The ancient Roman men and women both used to wear shorts. Women used to wear a lather made a top around their chest known as mamilare.

After the Roman empire fall, women did not wear panties till the 19th century. They only wore linen wear called shift. In the late 16th century women used to wear a special skirt called petticoats. In the late 19th century the women in US started to wear short and they started to call them panties. 

The word ‘Panties’ was not adopted by the people of UK. They called it knickers. In 20th century nylon was invented, and the first panties made of nylon were marketed in 1939. In the 19th century, the panties were used to be below the knee. 

In the 20th century, they started to become shorter. They came over the knee and kept moving up. By the middle of the 19th-century females started to wear brief panties. In the 90s, thong became more popular. Women wore body stockings for centuries, but the tight pantyhose became popular in the 60s. in the 20th-century female underwear became specific and basic.

Best Sports Bra Collections for You

Sports Bra: During playing sports or working out, you can become comfortable or uncomfortable both depending on your bra. A sports bra is the thing you need to be saved from an uncomfortable situation. Sports bras are made in such a way that it does not suffocate your breasts and it is not loose as well. 

There are two kinds of sports bra depending on your activity. Low impact sports bra is perfect for hiking or yoga or walking. High impact workouts bras are for more hard exercise, running or jumping. So, choose a bra based on your activity.

Upper body underwear is mainly used to protect or shape the chest. From the 20th century it became specific. There are a ton of underwear for female upper body. Some of the most worn and popular upper body underwear are,

T-shirt Sports Bra


T-shirt sports bras are made to be worn under t-shirts. They are like padded bra, but it is not necessary to be padded. Sometimes it comes with an underwire. Depending on the size of your breasts, they minimize the exposure.

So, next time when you are wearing a t-shirt you should consider a t-shirt bra. It keeps you away from the tension of a pop out or full exposure. T-shirt sports bra also good for activities while running

Tommy Hilfiger Women’s Mid-line Demi Push up Sports Bra


Tommy Hilfiger Women's Mid-Line Demi Push up Bra Bra, Navy Blazer Blue, 34C


As the name suggests, the main function of a push up sports bra is to push the breasts up, lift them, bringing them closer and making them look fuller. They come in different sizes and designs. It has underwire.

So, you should keep in mind that it must not be irritating your skin. So, it is important to get a perfect fit push up bra while buying. check out the best push up sports bra collection


FITTIN Crossback Padded Seamless Sports Bras

Padded Sports Bra : 

Many women think of padded bra as their savior. It gives a fuller look for small-breasted women. It also gives full nipple coverage during the winter. Many women however do not like it. Because it makes their breasts look double the size. But it is because of an error while choosing the size or design.

They are soft and comfortable. There are soft and best-padded sports bras also, which look beautiful with deep neck dress. So, it could be a good choice for you. Especially in the winter.


Lace Bra: Lace bras are known as a fancy variants rather than actual functionality. The soft lace feels great on your skin and it is to increase the beauty or sexual attractiveness of your breasts. Wearing these, you will never run out of options. But before buying one be sure to find which feels comfortable for your skin.

Maternity Sports Bra :


Women go through a lot of physical changes during the period of maternity. One of them is the enlargement of the breasts. The breasts prepare for the lactation of the upcoming baby. Maternity sports bras are very soft, smooth and it holds the breast in place. But before using one, you should try out different models so that you know which one is more comforting.

Zip front Sports Bra



Zip front sports bra are the best to support breasts while having yoga or doing physical exercise. all over the world especially in the USA, workout ladies are fond of zip-front sports bra or front closure sports bra. Such types of sports bra are the best as outerwear and innerwear both.

Adjustable Straps Sports Bra

Lower Body Underwear Collections

The modern lower body underwear is fairly new. The previous versions were well below the knee. But gradually they became shorter and came in the shape of today. Some of the most popular panties are listed below. regular panties, classic briefs, shorts, G-strings two side knot panties

Regular Panties : 

These panties are for regular and everyday use. They are not made of fancy textiles. They are mostly made of soft and comfortable textile such as cotton. Cotton panties are the everyday best friend of the girls. They come in different designs and colors.

Classic Briefs: Classic Briefs are also known as Granny panties. These panties are plain in design and made of a comfortable fabric. It has a high waistband and they look good. You can wear them with jeans or any kind of shorts.

Shorts: Shorts are almost like short trousers. They are made of nylon, cotton or anything that is comfortable. It is mostly worn by women in their homes during the summer. They are categorized with panties, but they are slightly longer than them. So, it is easier to sit around in your home wearing a short rather than a brief.

G-string: G-strings covers the front part of the pubic area, but it does not cover much of your hips. The functionality of these panties is to increase sexual attraction. They are mostly worn with baby dolls. The frontal part is mostly made of lace and the design is the same as the baby doll.

Two Side Knot Panties: These panties are mostly worn with a bikini. They are also called beachwear. It consists of two triangles. And they are worn with the help of tying two knots on the two sides of the waist.

Nightwear/ Swimsuit:

Nightwear is worn at night. There are various kinds of nightdress. There is long gown like dresses which are made with any soft, comfortable materials mostly silk. There are short gowns. They come just over the knees. They are also made with the same materials as long gowns. And one of the most popular is the Baby doll. 

Baby doll is a short nightdress. It goes way over the knees and stays just under the pubic area. They are mostly loose and made with lace, silk, or transparent fabric. They are worn with a G-string.

Swimsuits are also considered underwear. Swimsuits are made as one piece and it covers both upper and lower bodies. But nowadays, a combination of bikini and knotted briefs are also considered a swimsuit.