How to Wash Sticky Bra

Have you ever tried a sticky bra before? What do you know about a sticky bra? A sticky bra is a kind of bra that has a sticky adhesive on the deep lining of the cup. They stuck on your breasts perfectly well. If you take care of it then it will last longer for 30 to 50 wears. It is also known as an adhesive bra. A perfect kind of bra to wear with a strapless dress or backless dress.

For long-lasting wear, you can wash your sticky bra or adhesive bra. But if you do not wash it properly then it will lose its stickiness. This adhesive bra mostly is made of silicone so you must wash it gently. Today we will talk about how to wash sticky bras properly and everything you need to know about regular washing and keeping clean your sticky or adhesive bra. All the tips and effective ideas for a perfect wash of a sticky bra.

Tips to Wash Sticky Bra 

You can wash your bra with soap and water. Use a special cleanser for your special bra adhesive or use a few drops of plain hand soap with warm water. These will perfectly remove the oil from your sticky bra. You can also use mild soap or mild detergent if you have one. You have to use your fingertips and use a small circular motion to clean the bra. You can also sink your whole bra into the soapy water. Then you have to swish the bra around in the water and leave the bra to soak for a few minutes. You don’t need to worry about excess water.

Then rinse the soapy water by using warm water. You have to rinse the inner and outer parts of the bra for few seconds. But make sure you rinse the soapy water. You can also repeat this process if it’s necessary. Wash your sticky bra once again for the perfect wash.

After that, drying and Storing are other necessary parts to wash your sticky bra. Take your bra on a sleek surface or on a flat surface and make sure your adhesive part is facing off and let it dry completely by taking time as it takes. Make sure you give time to dry your bra for storage or wear it again. It is necessary but most women want a quick dry so they do not give enough time for perfectly drying. You can also position your bra in the original package with the sticky sides. Easily store your bra in the original package for wear it again. If you have your package then put your bra inside the case. It will keep your bra adhesive free from dirt and lint.

Most of the manufacturers of sticky bra provide a plastic covering for the sticky area. You can also use Ziploc bags as well. So, make sure you focus on drying and storing it properly. You can use a hook or towel to hang your stick-on bra to make it weep dry. You can also dry it in front of a fan if you are in a hurry.

When you want to use your sticky bra for a long time then you need to wash our adhesive bra after every use by using the same washing process. Take proper care of your sticky bra and get a long-lasting performance to keep your sticky bras sticky. You should focus on the washing and drying process perfectly for your stick-on bra. As adhesive bras do not work with oil and dirt.

Do not use washing machines to wash your sticky bra. Wash your bra by hand to get the perfect result. You can keep them to dry under a sunny spot but make sure you don’t keep it too long for drying it otherwise it may affect your adhesive bra.

Try to use an adhesive bra cleaner. Nowadays, adhesive bra manufacturers made adhesive bra cleansers for a sticky bra. But not necessary that you must have to use an adhesive bra cleanser. You can complete your washing process with soap too. But then you must need to use soap, water, and soapy water.

One more thing to keep your sticky bra long-lasting is to avoid rubbing a sponge or towel. Otherwise, it will damage your sticky bra. To keep your sticky bras sticky you must be careful about their washing drying and storing process.

For best performance, you can choose Nordstrom Sticky Bra, Aerie Sticky Bra, Target Sticky Bra, and many more sticky bras are there for you.

So, just focus on our washing, drying, and storing process to keep your sticky bras sticky. Hope you will be satisfied with your sticky bra after washing. All the ideas we have shared are authentic to keep your adhesive bra clean. Actually, if you don’t care about your bra it won’t work well. If it’s the matter of sticky bra then you must have to take proper care of your adhesive bra. As no sticky bra exists for a long time. But if you follow our process to wash, dry, and store then you can forget about sticky bra problems. So, follow our tips to wash your sticky bra for long-lasting and good performance.

Can you wear an adhesive bra in the water?

Ans. Most of the adhesive bras are made of silicone. Adhesive bras are also known as sticky bras where it can be a good choice for you when you wear a backless or strapless dress.

Yes, you can wear an adhesive bra in the water as most of them are made waterproof. You can find roll-on glue applied around your chest area. This silicone adhesive bra can keep your bra in place if you are underwater or wherever you are.

How to Make Adhesive Bras Sticky Again?

Ans. If you want to make your adhesive bra sticky again then you have to take proper care of it. If you want your new silicone sticking like glue then make sure you use it well.

You can wash your adhesive bra after every use. Wash it properly with soap or detergent, water, and soapy water. After washing dry it properly. Give enough time to dry and make sure you don’t dry it too much. You can also keep it inside the package for storing. Use Ziploc bags if you don’t have the package.

Never use a washing machine otherwise it will ruin your adhesive bra. wash it, dry it, and store it to make your adhesive bras sticky again.

What Do I Do With My Adhesive Bra If It Doesn’t Stick Anymore?

Ans. If you find your adhesive bra is not working and doesn’t stick anymore then try to find out the reason.

Most of the time it happens because it was not cleaned and stored properly. If dirt or oils on it then clean your adhesive bra in a proper process and get your stick again. The best way is to wash your sticky or adhesive bra with soap and water. They have something like a built-in system that can make your bra sticky again after a wash. Hopefully, it will work.


Is it bad to wear a sticky bra?

Ans. It is said that you should not wear a sticky bra for more than eight hours. Because it can cause you skin irritation and some other skin problems.

Though it can lift your breasts and cover nips and give you good shape but wearing it for too long can cause problems on your skin. You can wear this kind of bra but wear it properly so that you don’t have to face any kind of problem.

How do you make a sticky bra at home?

Ans. For making a sticky bra the first thing you should do is to mix a few drops of mild soap or a special cleaner with warm water. You can do it in a washbowl. You can also run warm water from the tap and pour some soap on your fingers. Then use your fingers and apply the soapy water to the adhesive part of your bra.

A proper clean can make a bra a sticky bra. You have to wash the whole body of your bra as well. So, wash your bra, dry it well and then store it. And after that hopefully, you will be able to make a sticky bra.