Wearing a backless dress is such a romantic and undoubtedly a sexy idea. It is one of the most trendy fashion nowadays. A backless dress can make you look gorgeous and bold. This dress is actually designed for women where the back is either partly exposed with a low cut or fully exposed.

However backless dresses are really beautiful fashion trends that are accurate to spotlight your look and figure very perfectly. If you have a flawless back then a backless dress is for you!

Now, let’s talk about how to wear a backless dress without a bra. To wear a backless dress, you must have to follow up some steps. So that you can feel comfortable without a bra and get a superb and gorgeous look. The main point behind wearing a backless dress where for your bra alternative you have to support your bust and hide the nipples.

Steps to Wear a Backless Dress without a Bra


1. Choose a Dress With Built-In Support

Backless dresses are lined in the bust area. But all the backless dresses do not provide comfortable support. However, there are a lot of backless dresses that perfectly suit you and gives you enough support. Most of the women who have big breasts get that best supportive are halter-neck dresses.

2. Have a Tailor Attach Extra Lining to the Dress

An experienced tailor who has experience in the wedding industry can offer you the best support and coverage. The bottom side of the dress consists of elastic which is affixed onto the side of the gown. The cloth is sewn onto the dress around the collarbone area. After putting on the dress, you have to pull the elastic down to below your bust.

3. Sew Bra Cups into a Backless Dress

Sewing bra cups is difficult in a backless dress. For holding your bust properly with sewn-in cups, you have to make sure if it is form-fitted or not. A dress with a lined bodice, and shaped to bestow the bust. You can follow these steps to sewing on bra cups:

  • Insert the cups between the outer fabric and lining
  • Sewing the cups onto the lining, then cut off the material inside the cup
  • Also alternatively you can buy custom sew-in cups.

You can also focus on some other procedures too. Put on the dress and see where your breasts are positioned. For estimating the best angle place the cup onto your bust. Pin the cups and leave about 1 inch between the cups. After that wear the dress and make it more adjustable. Secure the cups using a more stable stitch and if needed then Sew on.

For unfitted clothes, use only a few stitches, if necessary then sew the cups around the edges. Cut off the materials that covering the inside, if needed. To hide stitches that are visible on the outside, use inseams.  You can use the front part of a tank crop top if your dress seems impossible to assume the cups.

4. Sew a Bra into a Backless Dress

You can go for sewing a bra into a backless dress also which is very much easier than sewing a cup. Those who have larger busts can try push-up bras for having improved support. To have the perfect result for a bra where the cups need to be well-fitting. Remove unnecessary stitches is the main thing to do when your wear a dress. If your dress is not perfectly fitted then these ideas are useless.

5. Taping Your Breasts

Tape that can be used to taping your breasts. There are different types of tape like Medical Tape, Surgical Tape, Duct Tape as it is cheaper and stronger, Breast Lift Tape, Boob Tape, Nipple Tape, Fashion Tape, Body Tape, Double-Sided Tape, and so on. All you have to do is, choosing tape which is strong enough, having adequate width, a breathable one with softness. Make sure you do not use tape directly as your nipples are sensitive. You can also use cotton wool and thin material if you don’t have padding. Tape the cup depending on the situation.

6. Use Breast Lift Tape

Breast lift tapes actually help your breasts to lift from above to underneath. If you have un-glued nipple areas, then you have to cover them.

7. Adhesive Bandages or Pads / Band-Aids

These pads are designed to use on the skin. These pads are gentle for the nipples. You have to use two pieces on each nipple in a criss-cross manner. Use baby oil on a cloth or cotton wool if any glue left on your skin.

8. Breast Covers for Backless Dresses

You can also use breast petals or nipple covers to conceal your outline of the nipples. It will give you a smooth look. You can use them if you don’t wear a bra or also you can use them under a bra. One more thing, Nipple covers come in 2 varieties, reusable and disposable. Make sure you apply on clean dry skin, free of injuries, and purchase it from a reputed manufacturer.

9. Backless Body Shapers

Backless body shapers look like a bodysuit. The bust area of backless body shapers has the characteristics of using it more than once. If you cannot use the straps with your dress then you can use these body shapers.

10. Tape Your Bust

You can tape your bust vertically or horizontally that depends on your situation. Using tape for your bust is important when you wear a backless dress without a bra.

You can try Hollywood Fashion Glue which is very useful and there is no allergic reaction. You can apply a body adhesive. A double-sided fashion tape also works the same way as body adhesive. There are different types of adhesive bras and you can also go for adhesive or Stick-On Silicone Bras. Except for all these steps and ideas, you can also try Bandeau Bra/Tube Top which is a strapless bra and that will be helpful to look amazing with a backless dress.

And one more idea we are sharing is, you can go bra-less also to look comfortable. All you have to do is choosing clothes with flowers and patterns, choose dark color tops with thick materials, don’t wear clothes which have materials like cotton as it absorbs moisture, then avoid tops with big armholes and low cut blouses.

So all we want to say that, the ideas we have shared with you about wearing a backless dress without a bra are 100% effective. If you are interested to try a backless dress then just follow our steps and get the best outcome. Just give a thumbs up after trying these following steps because we believe you will be satisfied after following our necessary steps to wear a backless dress without a bra.


Q. Do women like to wear backless dresses?

Ans. Yes, a woman likes to wear backless dresses. It is a fashionable outfit for a woman. At parties or in an event backless dresses are the most gorgeous dressing sense nowadays.

Q. How do you wear a bra with a backless dress?

Ans. You don’t need to wear a bra with a backless dress. But you have to follow some ideas so that you can feel comfortable with your backless dress. Like we have mentioned some ideas to wear a backless dress without a bra. A comfortable feel is necessary otherwise you will fall into embarrassment. And that is why we have shared some ideas about wearing a backless dress without a bra.

Q. Can I use duct tape on my breasts?

Ans. You can try medical tape or surgical tape as using duct tape is risky for sensitive skin. Booby tape is the best tape designed for breasts.