How to Tell if your Bra is too Big

Just imagine, You wear a perfectly fitted bra. A comfortable fit, flexibility, not tight, not loose but perfect fit! No, it’s not that easy to get the perfect fit bra as we make mistakes every time when we purchase a bra. Whether we buy a loose bra or a bra which is too big. A complicated situation. Today we will talk about how to tell if your bra is too big or not.

It has become nowadays a great problem as we choose the wrong sized bra most of the time. If your bra is too big you face several problems. The main reason behind facing this kind of problem because our physique grows and changes. It is not a matter of how expensive and comfortable the bra is! It is about the bra size, cup size, band size, bra straps,  bra shape, and bra style. There are some signs that indicate if your bra is too big.

A band test is the first thing you can check to see if your bra is too big or not. Slide your hand between your back and the back of your bra. Turn your hand in 90 degrees so that it can create perpendicular to your back. Your hand should be fit there. Your front and your back should be perfectly level or paralleled. If it’s too tight then you will feel uncomfortable because of the wrong size. Then if your band size is too big then your breasts will fall out from the bottom of your bra. A perfect bra won’t ride up in the back and give you an impeccable fit. You should choose a bra that fits on its loosest binding position.

Now let’s try the cup test. If your bra cup size is too large than your breasts then you have chosen a big bra. A large cup-size bra will have curving. Though your cup size should be large enough to help your breasts tissues from inflated out or knock over the neckline. But make sure you don’t choose too big bra.

After the cup test, check out the raise your arm test. Raise your arm and check, is your bra slide up? Is your breast tissue fall out from under the bottom of your cup? If it happens then your bra is too big. You are trying the wrong bra size.

You can also test breast in the middle test where you have to check if your bra cup is in the exact place or not. Then your bra cup point should be midway between the top of your shoulder and your elbow. If you see it is in the lower place, then you won’t get proper support. Because it is an ill-fitting bra and the bra is too big.

Sometimes your bra style could be wrong when you have a D size or larger than that. Choose a bra that has seams in the cups for perfect support. To check take your pointer fingers, placing them inside the center of your bra, and draw them toward the straps. It can help you to overcome the overflow problem. You can also check your bra size by lean forwarding from the waist and let your breasts drop into the cups or you can use your hands for bringing your breasts tissue onward. After that, you will realize if the bra is too big. These tricks are applicable for women who have big breast size.

You can also go for an underwire test. Every woman’s breasts have a lap line where the underwire should fit. Depending on the diameter of the underwire, if your underwire is too big then the underarm end will poke your armpit and if your underwire is small then the underarm end will pole your breast tissue. The perfect underwire will give you defined and well-proportioned looks. For short women, demi bras and plunge bras are the most appropriate.

What do you know about Center Panel Test? When your central panel between the cups of your bra sits steadily against your breasts bone. But strapless bras, full touching breasts women, and some minimizer bras that do not have a center panel also try to push your breast tissue together in the center. Also, poke your center panel toward your chest and see if the bra is ok or not.

Try bra strap test:

Your bra straps should be flat on your shoulder. If your shoulder straps are falling out from your shoulder then you have chosen the wrong size bra. you need strap adjustment and you need a correct size bra that will suit your real size. You need to choose an exact band size because a bra band size is necessary for a perfect fit. Your bra band size and shoulder straps have a great connection for a perfect fit bra. A bra with an underband that goes under the cups will provide you more support if your breast type is D size.

Follow the hook test and sitting test. They are also necessary to see your bra size. See the bra hooks. Because hooks on your bra give you a comfortable and perfect fit. Depending on your perfect cup size tighten your hook or choose the loosest hook. Make sure you don’t wear tighter hooks that can make you suffer. Another test to see if your bra is too big, wear a bra and sit. If you feel comfortable then it’s fine. You will feel comfortable because you have chosen the correct size.  but if not then try a bra that has an arched center panel. If your bra has a gap in the cups then choose a bra with less coverage.

One more test you can try is the jump up and down test. This is beneficial for those who have larger bust sizes. Jump up and down and see if your breasts are coming out from the cup. If it happens then you have to choose the correct size bra. You need to focus on the correct band size and change the previous band size. Or if you feel pain after jumping then it’s because you have chosen a small-sized bra. So, choose it wisely. When you wear a high-impact sports bra you must try this test.

More easy way to know if your bra is too big when you see you’re continuously tightening your bra, readjusting it always, you don’t get enough support, you see an extra space at the top of the cups, bouncing more than usual, and your cups wrinkles. They are the major ideas to know if your bra is too big.

Just forget about all the concerns and follow our ideas to check your bra size if it has wider straps, loose hook, middle hook, or smaller or larger band size than your exact size breasts.

And if there is no overflow when your wear a bra, your shoulder straps are fit and your hooks are perfectly fit, no tightening issue,  your underwire is not resting on top of your breast tissue then it is indicating your bra size is perfect.

So, you cannot choose a larger cup size or a small cup size bra. You need to choose it wisely according to your body type. An ill-fitted bra can cause so many problems. If it’s large then you feel the loose problem and if it’s too tight that can cause skin problems. You face inadequate support, breast pain, and uncomfortableness.

So, when you choose a bra all the test ideas we have discussed are very much authentic. Before you choose a perfect size bra and to see if your bra is too big you can try these tests. As it is very much necessary to choose the correct bra size.


Q. How do you know if your bra cup size is too big?

Ans. If your bra cup is too big you see some difficulties like you see an extra space at the top of the cups, bouncing more than usual, and your cup wrinkles, continuously tightening your bra, readjusting it always, you don’t get enough support.

You face such kind of problem because of the way bras are designed and sized. For example, if you have a 38DD cup size then 40D is the same as yours. If you feel you need to go down a 1 cup size or going up a cup size then do it for the perfect fit.

Q. How do you know if your bra fits you?

Ans. To know if your bra fits you then you have to check some tests like band test, raise your arm test, cup test, underwire test, Center Panel Test, hook test, sitting test, jump up and down test, and so on. For the best bra fitting, you can check these test without having any hesitation.

You can also focus on your cup size, shoulder straps fitting, bra styles, and shapes. When you get a perfect fit bra then you don’t face the tightening problem, the loose problem, too much bouncing problem, readjusting problem, lack of support problem. You don’t see any gap at the top of the cups, you will feel comfortable. Just make sure you do not wear a too tight and too loose bra. Check the perfect fit size bra by using these tests we have mentioned above.

Q. Should you free your breasts from the bra?

Ans. You can wear your dress without a bra. But this is a matter of comfortableness. You can free your breasts from the bra if you want. If you feel uncomfortable, feel pain, or any kind of problem after wearing a bra then you can free your breasts from the bra.

You can also try camisoles or bralettes with a built-in shelf. Whatever makes you comfortable, just go for it. There are no restrictions. It’s totally up to you.

Q. How to know if your bra doesn’t fit?

Ans. This is sad but true that about 80% of women wear the wrong size bra. They even don’t try to fit the bra. They don’t focus on comfortableness. They just wear a bra! Where they should put the wrong cup size bra into the garbage!

Every woman should wear a proper fit bra so that they don’t need to face any skin problem. If you want to know why your bra doesn’t fit then check some situations including your straps will falling out from your shoulder, your band will riding up the back, wires will poke in the underarm, and in the centre, your bra band feels too tight or maybe too loose also you will see an extra gap in the cup.

So, choose a proper fit bra after testing all the situations we have shared.

Q. How do I go down a cup size?

Ans. When you try to go down a cup size then you can follow some tips. Go for diet as breasts are made up of fat or adipose tissue. Do exercise regularly so that it can help you to lose body fat and might also help to go down breast size.

Then you can also focus on binding and reducing estrogen. Also, you can change your bra.