How to Tell if a Bra is Too Big

Are you suffering from having the wrong bra size? Trust me, this is one of the most disturbing and irritating parts of a woman’s life. This article is about how to tell if a bra is too big and we will elaborate the topic in a way so that you can get enough knowledge about choosing the right size of bra.

Choosing the right size of bra is like a blessing. It’s not that easy task to pick the right size of bra according to your breast’s size and shape. About 80% of women choose the wrong size bra. Just imagine, you have a perfectly fitting bra and you look gorgeous with your outfit. No irritation, no loose problem, no tightening problem but comfortable fit and enough flexibility. Ha Ha, We are dreaming and this article will help you to fulfill your dream about getting the right size bra.

How to Tell if a Bra is Too Big

How to Tell if a Bra is Too Big

Let’s talk about how to tell if a bra is too big. We buy a loose bra or a bra that is too big and what creates a complicated situation. If your bra is too big then made you suffer from several problems. Most probably we suffer because the human body changes and grows. It’s not the matter of an expensive bra but the matter of choosing the perfect bra styles, shapes, band size, cup size, and bra straps. You will get some hints when your bra is too big.

Wearing the wrong size bra makes you uncomfortable. The most obvious signs that you will see when you choose a big bra are the band size and the cup size. You can try a band test to see if your bra is too big or not. Put your hand between your back and the back of your bra. Now, turn your hand at a 90-degree angle to create a perpendicular. Check if your hand is fit there or not and check whether your front and back are perfectly leveled or not. If the size is too big then your breasts will fall out from the bottom of your bra or if it’s too tight you will feel uncomfortable. The perfect size bra will give you enough comfort and fit. So choose a bra that fits on its loosest capturing position.

The Perfect Size Bra

Sometimes you pick the wrong size where the bra has seams in the cups but cannot provide enough support. You can check this out with your pointer fingers. Place your fingers inside the center of your bra and draw them in the direction of the straps. There will be no overflow problem. You can use your hands for bringing your breasts tissue onward and also by lean forwarding from the waist and let your breasts drop into the cups. This trick is most appropriate for women with large breasts.

Bra Band Test & Cup Test

After the bra band test, go for the bra cup test. If your bra cup size is too larger than your breasts then you have chosen a big bra. Your cup size should be big enough to help your breasts tissues from blowing out and a larger cup size should have curved. But never choose a too big cup size bra.

Raise your Arm Test & Breast in the Middle Test

You can check out the raise your arm test to see the bra size. Raise your arms and see if your bra is sliding up or the breast tissue falls out from the bottom of your bra cups. It happens then you must be with the wrong size bra. You need to change the size of your bra.

The breast in the middle test is another effective idea to check the bra size. In this method, you have to check the placing of your bra and if it’s in the exact place that it needs to be. The bra cup point should be halfway between the top of your shoulder and your elbow. If the bra is in the lower place then you are in the wrong size.

The Underwire Test

You can test the underwire test as well to know whether your bra is too big or not. The underwire should be fit on a women’s breasts lap line. If your underwire is too big then the underarm ending part will poke your armpit and if it’s too small then it will pole your breast tissue. If it’s a perfect size then you will get a defined and well-balanced look. We suggest you to try a demi bra or plunge bra if you are a short woman.

Center Panel Test 

Another effective test is the center panel test. It is about the central panel between the cups of your bra that sits perfectly against your breasts bone. But full touching breasts women, strapless bras, and some minimizer bras do not have any center panel but they try to push your breast tissue together in the center part. You can also poke your center room toward your chest to see if the bra is too big or it’s alright.

How to Tell if a Bra is Too Big

How to Tell if a Bra is Too Big

Bra Strap Test

The bra strap test is one of the most important parts to check the bra size. Your bra strap should be fit on your shoulder. If it’s falling out from your shoulder then it’s because of choosing the wrong size and you need to adjust it properly for the perfect fit. This is an embarrassing moment when the bra strap falls from the shoulder. Try to pick a bra that is perfect with your actual size. Choose the exact band size and straps because they are the reason your breasts get enough support. You can pick a bra with an underband because it goes under the bra cups and can provide good support.

Hook Test, Sitting Test & Jump Up And Down Test

To see the bra size you can try the hook and sitting test. Bra hooks are the necessary part that gives you the perfect and comfortable fit. Check out the bra hook if it’s giving a perfect fit or not. According to your cup size which is perfect, tighten your hook or choose the loosest hook for a comfortable fit. But do not tighten it too much or it may cause you to suffer.

After that check the sitting test. Wear your bra and sit. If it makes you feel comfortable then you are in the correct size or if you don’t feel comfortable then try a bra with having an arched center panel.  If you see any gap in the cups then you should choose a bra with less coverage. Let us tell you one more

The last test we are offering you is the jump up and down test. The perfect bra size testing idea for a woman with big bust sizes. Check whether your breasts are coming out from the cup or not by jumping up and down. If it’s coming out then you need to choose the correct band size. If you feel breast pain when you jump then you must be in a too small-sized bra. This test is a must when you pick a sports bra.

So We are done sharing all the ideas to know about the big bra size or too big bra size. If you want to know more easy ways to get that your bra is too big then check if your bra cup has wrinkles or not, if you are continuously readjusting, tightening and loosening the bra or not, are you getting enough support or not, is there any extra space at the top of the bra cups or not, and if your breasts are bouncing more than usual time. They are the most focusing part to check and know if your bra is too big. You can follow our ideas and test to check out the bra size. We hope you are benefitted from this article. Just forget about all the worries and choose your bra wisely according to your body type.

Q. How do I know if my bra is too big?

Ans. If you want to know whether your bra size is too big or too small in size you need to check some points. They will make you realize that your bra is too big.

The very first thing you will notice is that there is a gap between the cup and your breast. Then you will see bra cup wrinkles, your shoulders will be sore, your bra band rides up on your back side, your bra is fastened on the last hook and your bra straps will fall down from your shoulder. These are the major things you will notice if your bra is too big.

Q. What happens if your bra band is too big?

Ans. Choosing the right size of bra is a blessing. But it’s not that easy to pick the perfect size according to your body shape. Whether you miss the right band size or might miss the right cup size. But you need to pick the perfect band size and cup size too.

Actually bra band is the thing that helps to lift and provide support to your breasts. If the bra band is too big you should adjust it or tighten it for the best fighting. If the bra band size is too big then your breasts will fall out from the bottom of your bra and your bra back will ride up. But if you pick the correct band size then it will fit gently.

Q. Should you free your breasts from the bra?

Ans. Actually, free your breast from the bra depends on your comfort zone. If you can feel comfortable without a bra then you can wear your outfits without a bra. But if not then wear a bra which is perfect for you.

If you are tired of wearing a bra, if you feel pain, irritation, uncomfortableness, or any other problems then go braless or free your bra from your breasts and wear your outfit without a bra. We are recommending you try a bralette or camisoles with a built-in shelf. There are no rules that you cannot free yourself from a bra. Just wear whatever makes you feel comfortable.

Q. How do I go down a cup size?

Ans. When you wear a bra you need to have the perfect styles, shapes, band size, cup size, and bra straps. If you feel like you need to go down a cup size then you can follow some necessary steps.

If you want to go down a cup size naturally then you should go on a diet as breasts are made of adipose tissue. You can go for reducing and binding estrogen. You can also do regular exercise to lose body fat and that will help you to lose a cup size. Or if it doesn’t work then you can change your bra and pick a new bra style.

Q. Is it bad to wear a bra that’s too big?

Ans. The perfect fitting bra is the best thing for a women’s life. But it is sad but true that about 80% of women choose the wrong size bra.

When you wear a too big size bra it won’t offer you enough support and you will feel uncomfortable as your breasts will bounce and move too much. And when you try a small size bra that can cause breast pain and skin irritation as well. So it’s better to choose the right size of bra and try to pick the bra that is perfect for you.