Boobs are one of women’s greatest possessions. It is one of those things that make men become a total craze for a particular woman. We all are familiar with Cardi B and Nicki Minaj. Apart from their rapping popularity, their tits have made a lot of headlines. They have melon-sized boobs.

Also, the Kardashians, Jenners, and Sunny Leone are popular for their boobs. You might want to wear fashionable tight outfits or outfit that highlight your boobs. Bold and beautiful, and cleavage showing outfits might be your thing. But, you get drowned in a daily dose of insecurity because your boobs are small. Well, do not worry ladies. I am here to take away all your tensions. Because this article is all about how to make your boobs looks bigger.

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Hey small-breasted ladies, if you think that you are going to make your boobs look bigger by going through surgery just because you can afford it, then let me tell you this is a very bad idea. If you do not have proper knowledge about what they actually do in surgeries like this, then let me clear it for you.

One kind of saline and silicone inserts under the breast tissue to make it look puffy and big. This is a very dangerous process. Severe complications come up with this process. Therefore, it is highly suggested NOT to do breast implantation. There are several healthy ways that you can do to make your boobs appear bigger.

Tips and Tricks: How to Make Your Boobs Looks Bigger Without Breast Implantation

Natural ways are the best ways to achieve anything. Let’s dig deeper.

If I am talking about natural ways, then obviously I am talking about stuff that you can try at home. For example, doing massaging, breast enlargement exercises, and having specific food items.

1. Food Items that you should eat to make your boobs look bigger

***(milk products, fruits, and nuts are highly recommended to make your boobs appear bigger)***


Boobs are basically fats of flesh. Therefore, if you drink rich creamy milk daily, then more fats will be added in your chest flesh, making your boobs look bigger.


One of the most delicious fruits ever. The riper it is, the tastier it is. Having papaya by mixing it with milk will increase your breast size.

NB: Important Point – If you are pregnant, you must avoid eating papaya.

Flax Seeds – 

You can have flax seeds in two ways. Either by chewing directly or by adding the mashed powder version to your food. This is great for health and helps to increase your bust size.

Nuts –

If you are a lover of nuts then congratulations! you can have several varieties of nuts to increase your breast cup size.

Soybean –

Soybeans are very good for health. It keeps your hormones active, and adds fats in your breast flesh and makes them look bigger.

2. Yoga to Get Bigger Breast

Yoga is now worldwide famous. There are several illness and body complications that can be easily cured by doing yoga daily. When it comes to the fact of making your boobs look bigger, then there are three ancient types of yoga that can do this work for you like in expert ways. You can wear a sports bra while doing yoga. it will keep the breast from bouncing.

Bhujangasana –

Also known as the Cobra pose. Look at the pose very carefully. Each technique is clearly mentioned in the picture. Practice this thing ten times every day, and you will see a great change in your breast’s cup size day by day.

Ustrasana –

Ustrasana helps to make your breast bigger

Ustrasana helps to make your breast bigger

Also known as the camel pose. Practice this thing ten times every day. This will not only make your boobs look bigger, but will also be good for digestion and will decrease arms and thigh fats.

Dwikonasan –

Dwikonasan helps to make your breast bigger

Dwikonasan helps to make your breast bigger

This is also called the double angle pose and is one of the best yoga exercises to make your boobs look bigger suggested by experts.

3. Massage Oils –

Hands play a very big role when it comes to boobs enlargement. Then why not use it in a strategic way? a proper choice of massage oils can make your boobs grow.

4. Exercises that you need to do regularly to make your boobs Appear Bigger 

Arm exercises –

Arms are your body parts that are closely attached with your boobs. Therefore, arm exercises are necessary to make your boobs look bigger.

Arm Presses –

Open and close your arms back and forth, and keep repeating it until you become a professional. You will see results in a short period.

Horizontal Chest Press –

Doing this particular exercise is not a piece of cake. It puts lots of pressure on your chest. And with time, they grow bigger.

Prayer Pose

Join both hands, and keep stretching them back and front. Do it 15 times a day.

Modified Push-Ups 


Doing push-ups in a more strategic and modified way. Because you do want everything that is best for you when it comes to your beautiful boobs looking more beautiful after making them bigger. It’s better to wear a push-up bra while doing push-up exercise.

Wow! looks like we almost reached the conclusion. Just some of your interesting questions are left to answer. I had a hell of a lot of fun writing this article for you. And similarly, I hope you also enjoyed reading it. There is always a solution to every problem.

And when it comes to us women and our bodies, we create solutions when we do not find any. Go through the article carefully, and choose your best option that you can try at home to make your boobs look bigger.

But, frankly speaking, it would be a masterpiece of a transformation if you can apply all that I have written with patience. Leaving that up to you ladies. Happy Reading!

Q/A Sessions –

Are two boobs the same size?

No. if you notice carefully then you will see that two boobs are never off the same size. Left boob is always bigger than the right one.

Do breast shapes change?

Yes of course. Breast shapes change 6 times throughout a woman’s life. This happens due to the different sizes and types of bra they wear.

When your boobs get matured?

Your boobs will reach the ultimate maturity level if you are pregnant and lactose intolerant.

What is the natural time period of boobs growth?

The natural time period of your boobs growing big is minimum 4 years after your first period.

What is breast cancer?

It is kind of a bubbling tumor on boobs that can rarely be cured.

Who first discovered breast cancer?

Breast cancer was first discovered by Ancient Egyptians 3500 years back.

Can men get breast cancer?

That is a very rare case. But yes. Men can also get breast cancer.

Did any men get breast cancer?

Yes. Peter Criss was the first man who got breast cancer. He fought with it, and luckily he could survive.

How to make your boobs bigger in seven days at home?

Eat estrogen including rich food, regular breast massage, and drink dandelion root tea every day.

How to increase breast size naturally?

If you want to get larger breasts naturally at home, then this article is a must-read. we have discussed almost all the ways how to increase breast size naturally.

How to Get Perky Breasts Without Surgery?

doing consistent exercise, you can get perky breasts without surgery. please read our article on how to get perky boobs and get benefited.

Can Supplements IncreaseBreast Size?

Yes, breast enlargement supplements can help you to get larger breasts. All breast enlargement supplements are made from natural ingredients, so they can increase your breast size without any side effects.

Can I use essential oil to make my boobs bigger naturally?

Yes, essential oils like olive oil, tea tree oil, lavender oil can help you to make your boobs looks bigger naturally. use any of these oils 10 times daily.