How to Make Your Boobs Look Smaller

We women often hear a lot of things about our boob shapes. And of course, there are idiots out there who enjoy shaming us, and how our body and boob look.

Stereotypically, big boobs are considered as the ultimate sexual appeal in society and to men as well. But it is indeed our body, and we get to choose however the hell it should be.

There are many of you who are getting tired of big boobs. Maybe you just recently gave birth to your child? or lack of exercises turned your shapes bad? or maybe you were born naturally with big boobs and you hate it.

The moral is you want to make your boobs look small badly. And, here I come to your rescue. This article is about the tips and tricks about how to make your boobs look smaller. Let’s dive right into it girls.

Choosing the right bra

is definitely something you should keep in mind when we are talking about boobs. We heard that there are several bras and bra pads that make your boobs look bigger. But trust me girls there are several other options to choose from which can do the opposite work.

Choosing the right bra means you should know your actual breast size, and you should be aware of actual measurements of your boobs and cup size.

I cannot even explain in words how often I have seen women’s breast shapes getting out of shapes because of wearing the wrong bras or keeping up with the wrong bra sizes for decades.

Therefore, if you are really aware of your body, and want to make your boobs look small and perfectly attractive, you must ensure that you are wearing the right kind of bra with the correct measurements.

Now, to make your boobs look smaller, you should avoid wearing heavily padded bras. We all know that heavily padded bras make boobs look even bigger than the actual size.

If you have worn heavily padded bras for a long period and regretted your boobs looking bigger than they are, then the time has come to try new things.

You should go for something that will help to achieve whatever you are desiring, such as boobs looking smaller, and also looking beautiful and feeling confident. I am talking about.



Yes! you are seeing right. Just look at the options I have mentioned above. These kinds of bras are not heavily padded. Instead, they are thin-layered, comfortable, and beautiful.

Bralettes are one of the sexiest kinds of bras to date. These work as tank tops or crop tops as well. You can pair these with black or denim jeans and it’s good to go partying at clubs with your girls and catch many men’s attention.

Sports Bras

Sports bras, on the other hand, go for a few casual events. But, still an amazing choice. Most importantly, these two kinds of bras will help to make your boobs look smaller. Mission Accomplished!

Apart from the above two options, there is another kind of bra that will help you achieve whatever you are wanting to achieve. They are called Minimizer Bras.

Minimizer bras are quite similar to Sports Bras. The advantage of a minimizer bra is that it is built in a way that it surely puts pressure on your chest and makes your boobs look smaller.

Do not get nervous just by seeing the word ‘pressure’. Minimizer bras just put a specific amount of pressure on your chest to make your boobs smaller. Otherwise, it is a very comfortable and friendly fabric to wear.

Minimizer bras are more appropriate for gyms or joggings in the mornings. A great choice for athletic events.

Binder Bras

Binder bras are also quite similar to sports bras and minimizer bras. This kind of bras also puts pressure on your chest to make your boobs look smaller. The fabric of binder bras is quite tightly constructed that it sticks fully with the skin.

But, there are some risk factors in binder bras that you should definitely consider before using those. Binding comes naturally with binder bras. You should bind your binding bra for a maximum of 8 hours. Longer than that causes serious health-related problems. Such as breathing difficulties, chest tissue, even rib damage. You should be very careful about all of these.

** Very Important Point** –

Do not wear any kind of bras while sleeping during nighttime. Let alone ‘binder bras’. Those are extremely risky. Let your boobs free during night time. Proper blood circulation is extremely important. BREAST CANCER IS THE SECOND LEADING CAUSE OF CANCER DEATH IN WOMEN.

Tape your boobs if you cannot make them look smaller –

Tape your boobs if you cannot make them look smaller -

Taping your boobs might not be something you will enjoy on a daily basis. But occasionally, they are live savers for larger breasts. Whether you are at a party worrying that your boobs are looking out of shape in all the candid pictures in that sparkly silver dress, or working out in the gym and falling behind others because your boobs are jumping and distracting you. Then you can try out taping your boobs. The tapes will make your boobs stay constant, look smaller, and sharp. 


Rabbit Lit Up Invisible Bra for taping your boobs

How to Make Your Boobs Look Smaller

I have been talking about bras a lot. Are you feeling bored? Then let’s talk about something else. There are different other ways to make your boobs look smaller. Everything is possible if you understand fashion. Your styles, colors, and patterns should be your three musketeers. You should know them fully.

Clothing tricks –

1. Wear loose clothes – I am sure you are familiar with kaftans. Kaftans are very loose fotua style clothes that are very trendy, smart, and super comfortable during summer. The more tight clothes you wear, the more it will put pressure on your boobs. And will make them look bigger. Whereas, loose clothes put very less pressure on your boobs. And will make them look comparatively smaller.

2. Darts – Did it ever happen to you that you are supposed to attend a very important meeting, and your shirt is too tight that it formed a peephole in your shirt?

well, it might be very sexy in front of the hottie you are dating. But, this is a very very embarrassing situation in front of your colleagues right?

then what to do?

stop wearing shirts?

nope! start wearing shirts with darts instead of buttons. Darts will keep your shirt in loose adjustment, no chance like buttons creating peepholes, you will feel comfortable, and most importantly your boobs will look smaller than they originally are.

3. Too many chunky knits and prints make shapes look bustier –  Have you ever noticed fashion designers wearing too many bold and chunky outfits? Well, then you must have noticed their appearance of breast sixes as well. They are huge most of the time. If you do not want that, then try avoiding chunky knits and prints.

Gesture and Posture: 

how to make your breasts look smaller in a dress

A little change in the gesture and posture can help you achieve whatever you are looking for. And you can do that by:-

Regular exercises –

  1. Shoulder Press
  2. Push-Ups
  3. Side Raises
  4. Chest Press
  5. Wall Push-Ups
  6. Dumbbell Pullover
  7. Jogging

Balancing your diet –

Fruits, Vegetables, Fatty fishes like Salmon, and Lean meats like Grilled Chicken.

So, this was it. I hope this article and the techniques will be helpful for you to learn how to make your boobs look smaller.

Q/A Sessions –

Q. How can I make my boobs smaller without surgery?

You can make it happen by doing Aerobic Exercises. Such as stair climbing, cycling, and power walking. breast reduction surgery is very risky, so try to make your boob smaller without surgery.

Q. What should I wear to reduce my breast size?

Whatever you wear, just wear a minimizer bra to reduce your breast size.

Q. Can I use Sports bras to make my boob smaller?

Yes, you can use push-up sports bras, which will help you to make your looks small by pushing your breast up.

Q. How can I fix my sagging breasts?

You can fix your sagging breast by using push-up bra and doing some physical activities listed in the article.

Q. I have big breasts. Can I reduce their size by exercise and diet?

Yes, you can reduce your breast size by exercise and diet. a proper diet makes your breast tissue perky and makes the breast skin soft. please read carefully this article about how to make your larger breast looks small.

Q. How to Dress Big Boobs to Make Them Look Smaller?

In this article, we also talked about the dress that helps to make the big boob looks smaller. You can wear Kaftan, Fotua and other clothes to make your boob look small.

Q. Does wearing a bra that fits makes your boobs look smaller?

Yes, wearing a bra that fits your body will make your boob looks smaller. but you have to choose the right cup size. in this case, you can choose a front closure sports bra.