How to Make a Strapless Bra

Are you looking for tips and tricks about how to make a strapless bra? Having bra straps on your shoulder sometimes makes disturbance when you try sleeveless or backless outfits or any kind of off-shoulder outfit. A perfect fit bra and the most suitable bra for any kind of dress can give you the best comfortable and smooth look. It is difficult to wear a bra when you try off-the-shoulder or strapless dresses that have necklines.

There are a lot of outfits that suit with the strapless bra as a bra with straps are visible with those dresses. It seems odd, right? To wear a strapless outfit with a regular bra? Today we will be discussing all the effective hacks to make a strapless bra and how to convert a regular bra into a strapless bra.

Choose A Bra With Removable Straps

You can purchase a bra that has removable straps. All you have to do is, hook the strap at the back, adjusting the strap to its loose point, then pull the strap around your back and front which is below your cups. I will definitely give you extra support and restrain slippage as well.

Convert Your Regular Bra to Strapless

You can convert your regular bra to strapless by sewing. For making this kind of bra you have to cut your regular bra straps and then sew this strapless version into your dress. This is the perfect idea to use when you wear a backless or off-shoulder dress.  If you don’t have any idea about basic sewing knowledge then you can go to a seamstress or tailor. As strapless style is popular nowadays so we are sharing these tips.


Tuck in Your Bra Straps

You can tuck in your bra straps and that will transform any bra into a strapless bra. But you will feel uncomfortable under form-fitting dresses. Camisole-style bras are ideal for tucking in the straps. As the straps are thin, they hold little space inside the cups. A spaghetti sports bra is the ideal one.

Use Bra Converting Clips

You can use a paper clip or a bra converting clip to uncover your bra straps for the backless or sleeveless outfit. You can get these clips in any lingerie store. These clips can perfectly make your regular bra into your desired strapless bra. The bra strap converter is also effective. It will keep your hooks and bra band hidden. It can make your bra closure for pulling the center of the band downward which is by around 10 centimeters. This kind of converters straps wraps around your stomach.

Replace Bra Straps With Invisible Ones

You can also replace bra straps with an invisible ones. This one is perfect for those who have big breasts. For more support, you can use a clear transparent-type bra. You can try Invisible clear replacement bra straps. If you have a strapless bra all you have to do is hook on the clear ones. But if you don’t have any strapless bra then you can follow these steps:

  1. Choose an ordinary bra with the perfect fitting band.
  2. Use a pair of scissors or razor blade to remove the straps
  3. Collect a ribbon from an old outfit, cut the ribbon into 4 pieces each about 3 inches in length, and fold each ribbon into half along the length
  4. Sew inside of the bra where you cut off the old straps
  5. Now you have a way of hooking the clear straps.

Use Double Stick Tape 

First, you cut off your bra straps, and then after making it strapless apply double-sided sticky tape on the bra cups.

As it is difficult to find the perfect bra strapless for you, you can try these hacks to make your bra a strapless bra. Perfect fit, supportive and comfortableness is necessary when you wear a bra.

If you cannot have the best fitting bra then you can use our tips to make it more perfect. So, we think customizing your bra is a good idea. You can feel free to use these strapless bra hacks for getting a perfect fit bra.


Q. How to easily hide your bra straps?

Ans. If you want to easily hide your bra straps then you can try our mentioned tips and tricks. You can convert your regular bra into a strapless bra or you can buy a bra that is removable. You can tuck your bra straps, you can use converting clips, you can cut the straps, and then use tape for the perfect support. Bra straps are not suitable when you wear backless dresses or strapless outfit. You can also try a bra that has transparent straps. There are a lot of ideas to hide your bra straps and you can try any of them.

Q. How to keep your strapless bra from falling down?

Ans. Strapless bras have some adhesive parts so that they can support your breasts. You want to keep your strapless bra from falling down, then you can wear supportive tapes or you can try the perfect fitting bra. We are pointing out all the tips to keep your strapless bra from falling down:

  1. Purchase a high-quality strapless bra.
  2. There should be rubber bands
  3. Choose a perfect fitting bra
  4. Choose strapless long-line bras or corset.
  5. Sew the bra to your dress.
  6. Use adhesive tapes.

Q. What can I use if I don’t have a strapless bra?

Ans. When you don’t have a strapless bra then you should choose removable straps. You can also create your own strapless bra by using some tips and tricks. For example, you can remove the straps from your bra, you can convert the regular bra by cutting your regular bra straps, and then sew this strapless version into your dress. Then you can tuck in your bra or use a converter or you can use clips and also you can use tape to make a strapless bra.