How to Make a Bra Liner

How to make a bra liner: Comfortableness is the main part when you wear a bra. Bra is a necessary part of a woman’s life. Average women in the USA wear a bra for 13 hours. You have to face so many difficulties like itching, bra presses the skin, red marks, and so on because of wearing a bra for a long time. You must be looking for the perfect fit bra or maybe you need a bra or maybe for perfection, you need to make a bra liner.

Just forget about worries and stay with us to talk about all the hacks and steps to make a bra liner. Bra liner is necessary because it absorbs breast sweat, restrain chafing, and makes you feel fresh. It prevents irritations and pulls moisture away from your skin.

Benefits of Bra Liners

The unpleasant situation of wearing a bra comes in the summer season. If you are looking for overcome ideas from such kind of problem then bra liner is the result that will give a pleasant and comfy situation.

Let’s talk about the benefits of a bra liner. When you have sensitive skin you face skin irritation. All you have to do is choose a choosing bra liner made from soft cotton. You can also tuck a fresh cotton bra liner underneath your bra. This is the best solution for overcoming broken skin problems. On the crease between torso and bust, Bra bands lie. Bra liners absorb excess moisture so that bacteria cannot develop and cause problems.

There are a lot of ladies who suffer from fibromyalgia chronic back pain, tubes, scarring, implants, surgeries, and many more. Bra liner can help you to relieve this kind of problem and can give you an extra layer of protection.

Some ladies have large breasts and they need large bra sizes where it is much demanding as they produce more moisture and rub together. Where a liner can provide you padding and great absorptivity. Bra liners are very much helpful for a woman.

Bra liners can also help those who get warm easily and who handle hot flashes. It is called bra saver as well because liners can help bra from chafing. It is easy to use. You can take off the strip and stick it onto the bra. Use it once and then wash it on the washing machine.

Making a Bra Liner Pattern 

Let’s talk about some sewing pattern ideas. Pin on DIYs is an effective idea to make a bra liner. Then Sewing A Sports Bra With Power Mesh Lining The Last Stitch, Wickem Bra Liner For Bust Sweating Health And Wellness, Lb3wh 3 Pack Pambras The Original Bra Liners, Girlease Ultimate Bra Liner, Sewing a custom bra,

You can also add bra cups to make a foam cup bra, Then The Sewing Dork Pattern Free Women’s Halter Top With Built, Cup care The Bra Liner, Linen Breast Shields Linen Bra Liner, Antibacterial Bamboo Cotton Bra Liner 3 Pk No Irritation Rash Guard, Bamboo bra liner for regular usage, Vintage Bra Liner Pattern and many more ideas are very much effective to make a bra liner pattern.

All of them are suitable for day comfort.  Among all of them, Vintage Bra Liner Pattern is the most common. So, let’s talk about this!

Vintage Bra Liner Pattern

First of all, add the Vintage Bra Liner pattern to a knit dress. Then cut out the pieces and trace them onto the cut-and-sew foam. Start your sewing part from the upper cup to the lower cup and press the foam together. After that sew the cups to the bridge in the same way. And follow a few steps to make a vintage bra liner pattern for your comfy.


So, We have shared several ideas and tips to make a bra liner. We believe all the sewing ideas and patterns for making bra liners will be most effective for you. And they will surely help you to overcome breast sweating problems, itching problems, skin irritation, red marks, and other problems.

We think bra liners are a blessing against skin problems when you wear a bra. Forget about all the worries and make your own bra liner for your comfortableness. Good Luck!


Q. How do bra liners work?

Ans. Bra liners are very much helpful when you wear a bra. Because it absorbs breast sweat, restrain chafing, and makes you feel fresh. They’re can pull moisture away from the skin and prevent skin irritation problems. And no woman needs to use tissue or powder for comfy.

Q. How do you measure for a bra liner?

Ans. Bra liners are designed from either side of your body.  You have to measure the distance between your arms going down the breasts. Your bra liner should be basically half of your bra size.

Q. What are the best bra liners?

Ans. We are recommending you the best bra liners:

  • Belly Bandit Don’t Sweat-It Bra Liners. Amazon
  • Lady Anti Monkey Butt Anti Friction Powder With Calamine
  • More of Me to Love Antibacterial Bamboo & Cotton Bra Liner (3-Pack).