Breast sagging is a common problem for all ladies.  If you are wondering how to get perky boobs then this article is just right for you. I am going to share healthy and safe ways to make your boobs look perky. Let’s get started.

You see the picture above and feel like wow! I want that kind of boobs? Those are called perky boobs and I admit. They look stunning and attractive.

If you are already in love with that look, and to look the same. then do not think about surgeries because surgeries are super dangerous. Women’s breasts are very sensitive.

Therefore, stay the hell away from surgeries as much as you can.

If you want immediate results, then follow exactly what I am going to share.

Best Method: How to Get Perky Boobs 

1. Makeup for Perky Breasts

You rarely find women without their own makeup empires right? Yes, we women might have our own different styles of makeup. But there are very few of us who do not put makeup at all.

Perking up your boobs with your makeup hacks is one of the cheapest procedures to go for. You have your makeup stuff at home, so just use those for good now.

If you want more of a natural lift-up of your boobs without creating much attention, then use shimmering highlighters.

Shimmering highlighters will lift up your boobs by making them fuller and perkier but not showing it off too much. The best shimmering highlighter that you can use is the pearly cream shimmering highlighter.

Take a little bit of the cream on the index finger of your hand, and massage it inside your boobs. You will get a good, natural perky transformation.

If you are looking for more of a bold kind of lift-up, then there are other things as well. A dark contour can help you with this job. Use a contour stick that is a little bit darker than your original skin tone.

Keep drawing lines with it on your boobs. Blend the whole thing by tracing the lines with a matte highlighting stick. This process will get you very perky boobs, and lots of attention.

2. Sports Bras to get Perkier Boobs

SYROKAN Women Workout Sports Bra High Support

SYROKAN Women Workout Sports Bra High Support

If we are talking about boobs here, then a bra is a thing that comes up naturally. A bra is not just a piece of garment that women wear. It also represents who we are.

Therefore, while choosing bras, we must make sure that whether we are feeling comfortable, whether we are feeling ourselves, and whether these specific bras are fulfilling our requirements.

For boobs to get perked up, there are different kinds of bras that you can actually try wearing.

DIY racerback bra 

For wearing a DIY racerback bra, you do not have to go through the trouble. You can turn your regular bras into DIY racerback bras. Instructions are given in the above picture.

This is a very unique kind of bra because this needs other materials to hold the stripes together. Materials such as paper clips.

DIY racerback bras will give you what you are seeking. Cool perky boobs ladies. Just try it once at least and you will be surprised. You can also use a push-up sports bra which will help your breast to lift-up.

Maidenform Women's Love The Lift Push Up

Maidenform Women’s Love The Lift Push Up Bra

The bra stack process

This is a very interesting process ladies! if you are not familiar with what the bra stack process is, then you have missed such a big thing.

Bra stack is wearing one bra above another to make your boobs look fuller and perkier. That sounds fun but also kind of weird right?

well, you might feel a little bit uncomfortable in the beginning but with time, you will get fully used to it. But of course, there is a system that you need to maintain. You should wear two different sizes of bras for this bra stack process.

The first bra to cover your boobs is your regular size bra. And the one that you will wear above it, will be a cup size bigger. Try this thing at home. You will get to see the results by yourself.

Sock Stuffing –

Some of you might find it weird. But it is far better than stuffing tissues inside your boobs. Remember to maintain the sizes of the socks before stuffing them inside your boobs. Bigger socks will make your boobs look fuller and perkier.

3. Right choice of outfits 


Yes, ladies! outfits play a big role when it comes to the beauty of our body parts. Outfits that can highlight your perky breasts are v- neck collar outfits, or sweetheart necklines.

4. Boob Tapes Hacks

how to push up your breast with duct tape

how to push up your breast with tape

Tapes are one of the most common types of things when it comes to doing anything with boobs. There are specific outfits that badly require tapes to attach with boobs. Like,

Suppose you are wearing dresses and shirts with v-neck collars. then you must need a tape to make those flat boobs look perky.

Or, you are going a bit fashionable like strapless or backless outfits. Like,

5. Proper fit of the bra 

Best Sports Bra for Plus Size

Best Sports Bra for Plus Size

Often your boob shapes get totally mismanaged because of your lack of concern while wearing a bra. It is very important to wear the right size of bra for keeping your shapes on good terms.

You should have knowledge of your breast size and cup size because the wrong size bra can break the breast ligaments.

When it comes to the question of how to get perky boobs, there are different types of bras that you can consider to make your breasts look perky.

For example, if you go for a front-close brathen keep in mind that these kinds will help you to showcase your cleavage a lot and get your breasts perkier.

Excellent choice for a cleavage showing outfit.


If you go for balconette bras, then this kind will help in breast lifting and make them look tight and full.

While shopping, make sure you are choosing the right one. Remember, if your aim is to make your boobs look perky and you have naturally big breasts, then always go for bras that can both support and lift up your boobs.

This was the conclusion of the article. I hope you have enjoyed reading it. If you want to make your boobs look perky, then please maintain the things that I have discussed.

Frequently Asked Question

Q. Why do Breasts become saggy?

The breast becomes saggy for several reasons, natural causes like aging and genetic and skin sagging are the most common reason for breast sagging.

As we get older, our skin becomes thin and less elastic.

“As we get older, our skin becomes less elastic and thins, so gravity has an easier time pulling us down”, says Dr. Kremer. “That stretching process tends to accelerate as we get older.” But time isn’t the only enemy, ” pregnancy, obesity, dramatic weight loss, and other factors can affect your sag, no matter what genes your parents gave you.” Source:

Q. What kind of push-up bras are good for perky boobs?

#10 Best Padded Push up Sports Bra for Women 2020

Wearing push-up bras for perky boobs is a smart choice. Because push-up bras are known to be the master of solution in almost all boobs-related problems. It keeps the larger breast shape and position perfectly. The majority of women use Jezebel Women’s Amanda Push Up Bras and Maidenform Women’s Love The Lift Push Up for breast perkiness. You can check out the list of best push-up bra for women we have reviewd from amazon.

Q. Can you lift your breast without surgeries?

Definitely a yes. In fact, breast lift surgery is very risky and can cause harm like infections. So, it is always safe to try the natural ways.

Q. What kinds of exercises you should do for perkier breasts?

There are many types of exercises for perky boobs. Such as cobra pose, traveling plank, push-ups, plant reach under, dumbbell chest press, stability ball dumbbell fly, medicine ball superman, dumbbell pullover, and many more interesting types. Exercise does not keep breast shape well only, but it also kee the body shape perfectly.

Q. How can I tighten my breast fast?

For tightening your breast fast, you should regularly practice magic mix (a mixture that is created by mixing egg yolk and cucumber juice.

You should massage the mixture in your boobs. Keep for 30 minutes, then wash it off), eat healthily and protein including food, swim more often if you are a swimmer, and regular massage.

Q. What keeps the breasts in place?

The skin and ligaments keep the breast in the proper place. So, you always need to ensure that your skin and ligaments are healthy as much as possible.

Q. When I lose weight will my breasts get perkier?

Not all the time, some losing weight can make your breast perkier. but you have to ensure lots of collagen in your diet during the weight loss process. So that the collagen will help your skin and breast tissue to be as strong as possible.