How Many CC in a Bra Cup Size? After researching a lot we find out that all breasts are not created equally and two bra cup sizes are not the same. There are several cup sizes and we will discuss this. What do you mean by bra cup sizes? It actually indicates the bra sizing system. Cup size defines the difference between chest size and your bust line measurement. These four-letter A, B, C, D refer to cup sizes where 32, 34, 36, 38 indicate your bra band size. Bra cup sizes first invented in 1932 and band sizes took place in the 1940s.

Bra Size Standardization  

Though bra cup sizes vary from country to country, manufacturer to other so it is difficult to choose the perfect bra for a woman. Where most of the women about 80% women wear a wrong sized bra. Most of the manufacturers do not stick to international standards. Each bra company or brands measure bra sizes differently.

Researchers find you that there is no standard size of bra size and bra guide in the bra industry. So, You have to measure your bra cup size and how many CC is perfect. CC means cubic centimeters and breast implants are measured in CC. It will provide you the exact size. But Bra cup sizes do not have an international standard. Comparing CC and bra cup size are almost similar types but also you cannot relate and compare. Researchers estimated that 130CC to 150CC for 1 Bra Cup Size where 130CC for narrower bandwidths and 150CC for wider bandwidths.

You can also choose the rice test if you want to determine breast implant size in cc. You have to fill up the twist tie sandwich bags with rice and inserting them into your desired bra size. Then give the cup size you want. After that record the volume of rice in cups and convert the cups of rice to cc’s to get an estimated breast implant.

Breasts Implants 

Sometimes people face difficulties with their breasts. whether someone has small breasts or someone has larger sizes. So if you are looking for the perfect breast implant size and the volume of CC which is best for your body type then you are on the right site. Before that, you need to know the exact and right implant volume or ideal breast implant size. A woman who has an average height and weight, naturally wears bras in an A or B cup, they can increase their actual breasts 1 cup size for every 200cc. But when it comes to a woman who is tall and have a wider build, then they will need a larger implant or more CC for her breast implant size.

When you go for breast implant sizing you have to know that It takes 200cc of breast implant to increase from an A cup to a B cup. Then if you need to make your breast size full B then it may take 250cc. If you want to enlarge your breast two cup sizes to a D cup then you must need at least 350cc-450cc for a large natural breast shape.

The plastic surgeon is a way to give your breasts the desired size or shape. But make sure you choose an experienced person to do your breast augmentation surgery. When you do breast implants they first check how much natural breast tissue you have. If you have a small amount of tissue then you cannot do excessively large implants. But if you have enough breast tissues then you can go for large breast implant sizing. If breast tissues are thin then you should choose a narrower implant and if tissues are thick then you may be able to capacitate a wider breast implant.

For a natural-looking size and shape, medium-profile breast implants are good. You will get the perfect natural desired, and moderate breast augmentation with a naturalistic looking. After a complete surgery, you will see the perfect breast appearance.

Before doing a breast size implant you have to focus on few things must. Checking your overall body frame, checking the amount of natural breast tissue, plans for pregnancy, your present breast balance before doing breast augmentations. Nowadays, there are so many people who do not have any basic idea about breast augmentation but want to do this. Before we go for such kind of things we need to know its advantage and disadvantage both.

So, we have already discussed how many CC in a bra cup size and all the ideas about breast implants. If you are interested and looking to change your current breast size then schedule a breast augmentation consultation with an experienced doctor. Meet and discuss the perfect size of breast implants for you. And make sure you have a basic knowledge about breast implants. We hope you will get your desired breast size after the surgery. Good Luck!


Q. What is the meaning of CC in a Bra Cup Size?

Ans. It is estimated that 130CC to 150CC for 1 Bra Cup Size when you go for implants. Where for narrower bandwidth 130CC and 150CC for wider bandwidths.

Q. What cup size is 250cc?

Ans. 250cc equals about one bra cup size If the woman has an “average” height and weight.


Q. How to make breast implant sizers?

Ans. You can try the rice implant sizers recipe to get a close result. DIY implant sizers are not actually 100% accurate. CC or cubic centimeters are the ideal way that determines breast implant size.


Q. How many cc’s is an A cup?


Ans. 150 cc is an A Cup. It is generally one cup size. When it goes for average women then 300 cc can increase two cup sizes. And for a wide chest wall, women need more volume for cup size.


Q. Which type of breast implant feels the most natural?


Ans. You can go for Silicone breast implants because they will give you a natural feel and like natural breast tissue than alternatives. It is a form-stable breast implant and that has a cohesive gel that will provide the imitative feel of natural breast tissue.