How do you Say Bra in Spanish?

What do you know about a bra? Why it is necessary? How did it come from? You must be thinking about such kinds of questions first. So, let’s talk about bra and how do you say bra in Spanish which is an interesting part.

A Bra is a short form of Brassiere. It is a women’s form-fitting undergarment product made to cover and support a women’s breasts. It is a piece of clothing worn under an outfit. There are various sizes and designs of a bra depending on cup size.

How do you Say Bra in Spanish

How do you Say Bra in Spanish

Wearing a bra can help you to protect breast tissues and a bra can give you a comfortable feel. For less exposing your breasts and cleavage, a bra is a lifesaver. You can pick any type of bra including t-shirt bra, balconette bra, push-up bra, plunge bra, bandeau bra strapless bra, adhesive bra, and many more.

We call it bra but in other countries, the native speakers call it in a different way. Let’s talk about Spanish people. Would you like to know how Spanish people pronounce Bra? Let’s end our curiosity and talk about the Spanish way to say Bra. In Spanish Bra is called el sostén. Some Mexican Spanish natives call it El bra, some call it el corpiño and some say bra as sujetador. There are some other names of a bra in Spanish includes ajustador, soutien, and brasier.

How do you Say Bra in Spanish

If you want to hear how the word bra is pronounced then you can check the direct translation, Spanish translation or bra, English translation or any machine translation of bra to hear how it pronounce. It’s really interesting to know about other country’s view and pronunciations of the bra.

Spanish clothing sizes are a little different than UK and US people. UK and US measure the size of a bra by inches where Spanish people measure Spanish bra sizes by centimeters. That’s about the article. We hope you get a lot of information about bra and bra-related things.

Q. What is Bra?

Ans. A bra is a form-fitting undergarment for women. The bra is designed to support and hide a woman’s breasts. It also protects breast tissues, and a bra can make you feel more comfortable.

You will be able to purchase t-shirt bras, balconette bras, push-up bras, plunge bras, bandeau bras, strapless bras, adhesive bras, and some other styles of bra in the shop. So when you wear a bra, they will reduce the appearance of breast size, generate cleavage, and other aesthetic or necessary issues.

Q. How do you Say Bra in Spanish?

Ans. There are so many names of a bra. Different countries call the word bra differently. In Spanish language you can say ajustador, sostén soutien, sujetador, orpiño and brasier.

Q. How do you pronounce Sujetador?

Ans. Sujetador is a different word of bra. You can pronounce Sujetador like su-he-ta-dor.

Q. How do you say bra in Mexican Spanish?

Ans. Mexican pronounce the word ‘bra’ in a different way. We call it bra but in Mexican Spanish, people say El bra.

Q. Are UK or US clothing sizes are same as Spanish?

Ans. Clothing sizes are varying from country to country. But sometimes they are the same. Let’s share some ideas about UK or US clothing sizes.

Clothing sizes vary considerably from one brand to the next. So you should check before purchasing any clothes. To get the Spanish size for women’s clothing, multiply the UK size by 28. (32 to US sizes). As a result, a UK size 12 (US 8) relates to a Spanish size 40, whereas a UK size 8 (US 4) relates to a Spanish size 36.