How To Push Up Your Breast With Tape

How To Push Up Your Breast With Tape

How To Push Up Your Breast With tape

There are many positive and negative remarks about boob tapes. Thus, making it a hyped subject. How to push up your breast with tape is something worth discussing about it. People who consider boob tapes as taboo or as things that make women fake, then this is high time that we erase this whole wrong concept from their minds.

Our bodies are our possessions. And we deserve to nurture it in whatever ways we want. Sometimes we will prioritize comfort, and sometimes we will bring ourselves out from the shell to explore ourselves. But all that matters is that our hearts should feel happy either way.

Is boob Tapes are taboo?

if this is what you think then let me tell you something very interesting.

Do you follow those hottest Hollywood female celebrities, their lifestyles, and everything?

The majority of them are dependent on boob tapes ladies. Because there is nothing wrong with doing something for your body.

Self-love is the best form of love. Now, that you feel a little bit comfortable, and the idea of using boob tapes might have subconsciously crossed your mind once or twice.

Right now, take a deep breath, drink a glass of water, and get back to this article. Because this article is all about boob tapes and the ways how you can push up your breast with tape.

Pieces of Tape that you should go for pushing up your breasts –

how to push up your breast with duct tape

how to push up your breast with duct tape

Since we are discussing tapes here. Then you must know that not all tapes are safe for boobs getting pushed up. There are some specific kinds and we will focus on those.

Use the specialized kinds of boob tapes. The specialized kinds will give you benefits like these will lift up your breasts to the fullest making the boobs look super perky.

Oh wow! make sure to wear a sexy dress for turning heads. Or else all the efforts will go in vain ladies. These specialized boob tapes hacks are used by celebrities, you can also use them. Sexy Outfit you can wear just like Kim Kardashian after wearing boob tapes.

Types of Boob Tapes for Women

1. Gaffer Tapes for Breast Push-up

1. Gaffer Tapes for Breast Push-up

Gaffer tapes are heavy cotton-based tapes that do a wonderful job when it comes to lifting up your breasts. Gaffer tapes became widely populated by none other than Kim Kardashian. She wore too much that at one point it became a Kardashian fashion tape. Gaffer tapes come in a variety of colors.

*** Important Point *** 

If you decide to use Gaffer tapes for lifting up your boobs, then please do not get confused between ‘duct tape’ and gaffer tapes because they look similar. Gaffer tapes are best used at theatres, dramas, and movies. On the other hand, duct tapes are used for construction-based works. Extremely harmful for the skin.

2. Sports Tapes for Breast

2. Sports Tapes for Breast

Sports Tapes were initially used to protect against any type of chest injuries caused to athletes. They are very comfortable. The major plus point of these athletic tapes is that you will get no irritation on your skin which is caused by other tapes that you use for your boobs.

The lifting job is obviously done better by the gaffer tapes but if you want something comfortable always, then this is the right choice for you.

3. Flash Tapes for Boobs

Oh! I love this fashion tape, because this product comes with a solution to a very big problem. If you have big boobs then you might notice that your boobs do not stay in proper positions and get mismanaged if you are wearing a tight shirt that your buttons could not hold, or not a properly fitted bra.

If you had nightmares like this, then flash tapes are here to take them away. Flash Tapes has the ability to position your boobs exactly where you want them to be. doesn’t create any obstacle to blood flow. So wow! no mismanagement, no embarrassments. This tap can be used for A to DD cup breast size women.

(definitely check out the link by doing a click on the button or image. You will find it interesting).

That was the end of the article. I hope you enjoyed reading it. Make sure you choose whatever is best for you. If you have a sensitive skin type, I advise that you clear everything out with experts or your personal healthcare provider before trying anything too rebellious.

We want to look beautiful, explore, learn, and try out different things. But not at the cost of harming ourselves right? Maintaining that is incredibly important. If you are reading this article that means you actually want to know how to push up your breasts with tapes. So, if you feel like going for it after reading this piece, then just go for it. Lastly, do not let anyone decide what is best for you.

Frequently Asked Question about Boob Tapes

Interesting Questions about boobs getting pushed up with tapes which created so much attention. And I have answers for them as well which surely make people go insane (in a positive way of course) –

Q. What is the procedure of taping your breasts?

For taping your breasts, there is a lengthy process and steps that you need to follow. Do not get scared by the word lengthy because it is worth it. First, you need to do the patch test, then take preparations, then go according to the methods.

Q. Why is it important to take a patch test before taping your boobs?

Taking the patch test is the most important part of the whole boobs taping process. If you can get this thing right, then you have accomplished almost 50% of the work. First of all, you need to understand that a patch test is the root of the boobs taping process. Without doing this, you cannot proceed.

Therefore, the importance of this thing should not be taken lightly. The job of the patch test is to give you the result that whether you can go for boobs taping or not by determining whether the glue from the breast tapes causes you any kind of skin irritation or not.

Q. What is the full procedure of doing a patch test?

For doing the patch test, you need to apply the tape that is similar to your skin and leave it for some time. After some time passes, you will be able to see your skin’s reaction. Point to be noted, if you have sensitive skin, then redness on a patch test is normal, and there is nothing to worry about.

Q. What preparations should be taken before taping your boobs?

Before starting the preparation part, you need to choose the right tape for yourself. Do not start doing this part before choosing the tape. This a set ff rules and they have to follow serial-wise. After choosing the tape, you need to take care of your skin. You need to clean your boobs and side parts properly or else the tape will not stick to your skin. Do not dare to apply any kind of lotions or oils to your boobs before taping.

Q. What type of outfits should the taping method be applied for?

The type of outfits on which you can use the taping method amazingly is plunge, backless, and strapless.

Q. What are some common mistakes that people do while boobs taping?

Common mistakes that people do while boobs taping, and of course should be avoided are tapes being too tight, tapes being too loose, and temperature not in control.

Q. Can I use a strip of tape and a push-up bra at the same time?

Yes, you can use a push-up sports bra and push-up tape at the same time. but it is not mandatory, because both will do the same work for you. although it depends on your activity and the dresses you are wearing. If you are going to do any exercise, then you can use both of them. they both will keep your breast protected from bouncing. push up bra will help to keep your breast shape and cup size perfect.

Q. Does boob tapes help to make boobs look smaller?

Yes, Boob tapes not only help to push your breast up but also help to make your boobs look smaller.

How to Make Your Boobs Looks Bigger – Best Method

How to Make Your Boobs Looks Bigger – Best Method

Boobs are one of women’s greatest possessions. It is one of those things that make men become a total craze for a particular woman. We all are familiar with Cardi B and Nicki Minaj. Apart from their rapping popularity, their tits have made a lot of headlines. They have melon-sized boobs.

Also, the Kardashians, Jenners, and Sunny Leone are popular for their boobs. You might want to wear fashionable tight outfits or outfit that highlight your boobs. Bold and beautiful, and cleavage showing outfits might be your thing. But, you get drowned in a daily dose of insecurity because your boobs are small. Well, do not worry ladies. I am here to take away all your tensions. Because this article is all about how to make your boobs looks bigger.

Kim Kardashian


Hey small-breasted ladies, if you think that you are going to make your boobs look bigger by going through surgery just because you can afford it, then let me tell you this is a very bad idea. If you do not have proper knowledge about what they actually do in surgeries like this, then let me clear it for you.

One kind of saline and silicone inserts under the breast tissue to make it look puffy and big. This is a very dangerous process. Severe complications come up with this process. Therefore, it is highly suggested NOT to do breast implantation. There are several healthy ways that you can do to make your boobs appear bigger.

Tips and Tricks: How to Make Your Boobs Looks Bigger Without Breast Implantation

Natural ways are the best ways to achieve anything. Let’s dig deeper.

If I am talking about natural ways, then obviously I am talking about stuff that you can try at home. For example, doing massaging, breast enlargement exercises, and having specific food items.

1. Food Items that you should eat to make your boobs look bigger

***(milk products, fruits, and nuts are highly recommended to make your boobs appear bigger)***


Boobs are basically fats of flesh. Therefore, if you drink rich creamy milk daily, then more fats will be added in your chest flesh, making your boobs look bigger.


One of the most delicious fruits ever. The riper it is, the tastier it is. Having papaya by mixing it with milk will increase your breast size.

NB: Important Point – If you are pregnant, you must avoid eating papaya.

Flax Seeds – 

You can have flax seeds in two ways. Either by chewing directly or by adding the mashed powder version to your food. This is great for health and helps to increase your bust size.

Nuts –

If you are a lover of nuts then congratulations! you can have several varieties of nuts to increase your breast cup size.

Soybean –

Soybeans are very good for health. It keeps your hormones active, and adds fats in your breast flesh and makes them look bigger.

2. Yoga to Get Bigger Breast

Yoga is now worldwide famous. There are several illness and body complications that can be easily cured by doing yoga daily. When it comes to the fact of making your boobs look bigger, then there are three ancient types of yoga that can do this work for you like in expert ways. You can wear a sports bra while doing yoga. it will keep the breast from bouncing.

Bhujangasana –

Also known as the Cobra pose. Look at the pose very carefully. Each technique is clearly mentioned in the picture. Practice this thing ten times every day, and you will see a great change in your breast’s cup size day by day.

Ustrasana –

Ustrasana helps to make your breast bigger

Ustrasana helps to make your breast bigger

Also known as the camel pose. Practice this thing ten times every day. This will not only make your boobs look bigger, but will also be good for digestion and will decrease arms and thigh fats.

Dwikonasan –

Dwikonasan helps to make your breast bigger

Dwikonasan helps to make your breast bigger

This is also called the double angle pose and is one of the best yoga exercises to make your boobs look bigger suggested by experts.

3. Massage Oils –

Hands play a very big role when it comes to boobs enlargement. Then why not use it in a strategic way? a proper choice of massage oils can make your boobs grow.

4. Exercises that you need to do regularly to make your boobs Appear Bigger 

Arm exercises –

Arms are your body parts that are closely attached with your boobs. Therefore, arm exercises are necessary to make your boobs look bigger.

Arm Presses –

Open and close your arms back and forth, and keep repeating it until you become a professional. You will see results in a short period.

Horizontal Chest Press –

Doing this particular exercise is not a piece of cake. It puts lots of pressure on your chest. And with time, they grow bigger.

Prayer Pose

Join both hands, and keep stretching them back and front. Do it 15 times a day.

Modified Push-Ups 


Doing push-ups in a more strategic and modified way. Because you do want everything that is best for you when it comes to your beautiful boobs looking more beautiful after making them bigger. It’s better to wear a push-up bra while doing push-up exercise.

Wow! looks like we almost reached the conclusion. Just some of your interesting questions are left to answer. I had a hell of a lot of fun writing this article for you. And similarly, I hope you also enjoyed reading it. There is always a solution to every problem.

And when it comes to us women and our bodies, we create solutions when we do not find any. Go through the article carefully, and choose your best option that you can try at home to make your boobs look bigger.

But, frankly speaking, it would be a masterpiece of a transformation if you can apply all that I have written with patience. Leaving that up to you ladies. Happy Reading!

Q/A Sessions –

Are two boobs the same size?

No. if you notice carefully then you will see that two boobs are never off the same size. Left boob is always bigger than the right one.

Do breast shapes change?

Yes of course. Breast shapes change 6 times throughout a woman’s life. This happens due to the different sizes and types of bra they wear.

When your boobs get matured?

Your boobs will reach the ultimate maturity level if you are pregnant and lactose intolerant.

What is the natural time period of boobs growth?

The natural time period of your boobs growing big is minimum 4 years after your first period.

What is breast cancer?

It is kind of a bubbling tumor on boobs that can rarely be cured.

Who first discovered breast cancer?

Breast cancer was first discovered by Ancient Egyptians 3500 years back.

Can men get breast cancer?

That is a very rare case. But yes. Men can also get breast cancer.

Did any men get breast cancer?

Yes. Peter Criss was the first man who got breast cancer. He fought with it, and luckily he could survive.

How to make your boobs bigger in seven days at home?

Eat estrogen including rich food, regular breast massage, and drink dandelion root tea every day.

How to increase breast size naturally?

If you want to get larger breasts naturally at home, then this article is a must-read. we have discussed almost all the ways how to increase breast size naturally.

How to Get Perky Breasts Without Surgery?

doing consistent exercise, you can get perky breasts without surgery. please read our article on how to get perky boobs and get benefited.

Can Supplements IncreaseBreast Size?

Yes, breast enlargement supplements can help you to get larger breasts. All breast enlargement supplements are made from natural ingredients, so they can increase your breast size without any side effects.

Can I use essential oil to make my boobs bigger naturally?

Yes, essential oils like olive oil, tea tree oil, lavender oil can help you to make your boobs looks bigger naturally. use any of these oils 10 times daily.

How to Make Your Boobs Look Smaller

How to Make Your Boobs Look Smaller

How to Make Your Boobs Look Smaller

We women often hear a lot of things about our boob shapes. And of course, there are idiots out there who enjoy shaming us, and how our body and boob look.

Stereotypically, big boobs are considered as the ultimate sexual appeal in society and to men as well. But it is indeed our body, and we get to choose however the hell it should be.

There are many of you who are getting tired of big boobs. Maybe you just recently gave birth to your child? or lack of exercises turned your shapes bad? or maybe you were born naturally with big boobs and you hate it.

The moral is you want to make your boobs look small badly. And, here I come to your rescue. This article is about the tips and tricks about how to make your boobs look smaller. Let’s dive right into it girls.

Choosing the right bra

is definitely something you should keep in mind when we are talking about boobs. We heard that there are several bras and bra pads that make your boobs look bigger. But trust me girls there are several other options to choose from which can do the opposite work.

Choosing the right bra means you should know your actual breast size, and you should be aware of actual measurements of your boobs and cup size.

I cannot even explain in words how often I have seen women’s breast shapes getting out of shapes because of wearing the wrong bras or keeping up with the wrong bra sizes for decades.

Therefore, if you are really aware of your body, and want to make your boobs look small and perfectly attractive, you must ensure that you are wearing the right kind of bra with the correct measurements.

Now, to make your boobs look smaller, you should avoid wearing heavily padded bras. We all know that heavily padded bras make boobs look even bigger than the actual size.

If you have worn heavily padded bras for a long period and regretted your boobs looking bigger than they are, then the time has come to try new things.

You should go for something that will help to achieve whatever you are desiring, such as boobs looking smaller, and also looking beautiful and feeling confident. I am talking about.



Yes! you are seeing right. Just look at the options I have mentioned above. These kinds of bras are not heavily padded. Instead, they are thin-layered, comfortable, and beautiful.

Bralettes are one of the sexiest kinds of bras to date. These work as tank tops or crop tops as well. You can pair these with black or denim jeans and it’s good to go partying at clubs with your girls and catch many men’s attention.

Sports Bras

Sports bras, on the other hand, go for a few casual events. But, still an amazing choice. Most importantly, these two kinds of bras will help to make your boobs look smaller. Mission Accomplished!

Apart from the above two options, there is another kind of bra that will help you achieve whatever you are wanting to achieve. They are called Minimizer Bras.

Minimizer bras are quite similar to Sports Bras. The advantage of a minimizer bra is that it is built in a way that it surely puts pressure on your chest and makes your boobs look smaller.

Do not get nervous just by seeing the word ‘pressure’. Minimizer bras just put a specific amount of pressure on your chest to make your boobs smaller. Otherwise, it is a very comfortable and friendly fabric to wear.

Minimizer bras are more appropriate for gyms or joggings in the mornings. A great choice for athletic events.

Binder Bras

Binder bras are also quite similar to sports bras and minimizer bras. This kind of bras also puts pressure on your chest to make your boobs look smaller. The fabric of binder bras is quite tightly constructed that it sticks fully with the skin.

But, there are some risk factors in binder bras that you should definitely consider before using those. Binding comes naturally with binder bras. You should bind your binding bra for a maximum of 8 hours. Longer than that causes serious health-related problems. Such as breathing difficulties, chest tissue, even rib damage. You should be very careful about all of these.

** Very Important Point** –

Do not wear any kind of bras while sleeping during nighttime. Let alone ‘binder bras’. Those are extremely risky. Let your boobs free during night time. Proper blood circulation is extremely important. BREAST CANCER IS THE SECOND LEADING CAUSE OF CANCER DEATH IN WOMEN.

Tape your boobs if you cannot make them look smaller –

Tape your boobs if you cannot make them look smaller -

Taping your boobs might not be something you will enjoy on a daily basis. But occasionally, they are live savers for larger breasts. Whether you are at a party worrying that your boobs are looking out of shape in all the candid pictures in that sparkly silver dress, or working out in the gym and falling behind others because your boobs are jumping and distracting you. Then you can try out taping your boobs. The tapes will make your boobs stay constant, look smaller, and sharp. 


Rabbit Lit Up Invisible Bra for taping your boobs

How to Make Your Boobs Look Smaller

I have been talking about bras a lot. Are you feeling bored? Then let’s talk about something else. There are different other ways to make your boobs look smaller. Everything is possible if you understand fashion. Your styles, colors, and patterns should be your three musketeers. You should know them fully.

Clothing tricks –

1. Wear loose clothes – I am sure you are familiar with kaftans. Kaftans are very loose fotua style clothes that are very trendy, smart, and super comfortable during summer. The more tight clothes you wear, the more it will put pressure on your boobs. And will make them look bigger. Whereas, loose clothes put very less pressure on your boobs. And will make them look comparatively smaller.

2. Darts – Did it ever happen to you that you are supposed to attend a very important meeting, and your shirt is too tight that it formed a peephole in your shirt?

well, it might be very sexy in front of the hottie you are dating. But, this is a very very embarrassing situation in front of your colleagues right?

then what to do?

stop wearing shirts?

nope! start wearing shirts with darts instead of buttons. Darts will keep your shirt in loose adjustment, no chance like buttons creating peepholes, you will feel comfortable, and most importantly your boobs will look smaller than they originally are.

3. Too many chunky knits and prints make shapes look bustier –  Have you ever noticed fashion designers wearing too many bold and chunky outfits? Well, then you must have noticed their appearance of breast sixes as well. They are huge most of the time. If you do not want that, then try avoiding chunky knits and prints.

Gesture and Posture: 

how to make your breasts look smaller in a dress

A little change in the gesture and posture can help you achieve whatever you are looking for. And you can do that by:-

Regular exercises –

  1. Shoulder Press
  2. Push-Ups
  3. Side Raises
  4. Chest Press
  5. Wall Push-Ups
  6. Dumbbell Pullover
  7. Jogging

Balancing your diet –

Fruits, Vegetables, Fatty fishes like Salmon, and Lean meats like Grilled Chicken.

So, this was it. I hope this article and the techniques will be helpful for you to learn how to make your boobs look smaller.

Q/A Sessions –

Q. How can I make my boobs smaller without surgery?

You can make it happen by doing Aerobic Exercises. Such as stair climbing, cycling, and power walking. breast reduction surgery is very risky, so try to make your boob smaller without surgery.

Q. What should I wear to reduce my breast size?

Whatever you wear, just wear a minimizer bra to reduce your breast size.

Q. Can I use Sports bras to make my boob smaller?

Yes, you can use push-up sports bras, which will help you to make your looks small by pushing your breast up.

Q. How can I fix my sagging breasts?

You can fix your sagging breast by using push-up bra and doing some physical activities listed in the article.

Q. I have big breasts. Can I reduce their size by exercise and diet?

Yes, you can reduce your breast size by exercise and diet. a proper diet makes your breast tissue perky and makes the breast skin soft. please read carefully this article about how to make your larger breast looks small.

Q. How to Dress Big Boobs to Make Them Look Smaller?

In this article, we also talked about the dress that helps to make the big boob looks smaller. You can wear Kaftan, Fotua and other clothes to make your boob look small.

Q. Does wearing a bra that fits makes your boobs look smaller?

Yes, wearing a bra that fits your body will make your boob looks smaller. but you have to choose the right cup size. in this case, you can choose a front closure sports bra.

#10 Best Plus Size Shelf Bra Reviews 2021

#10 Best Plus Size Shelf Bra Reviews 2021

Our wardrobes are incomplete without bras. We cannot imagine wearing anything without a bra. This is the ultimate necessity. And wearing the best kind is also a necessity.  Push-up bras, t-shirt bras, lace bras, bralettes, backless bras, etc. – there are so many options! When it comes to plus-size bras, apart from these, there is a special plus-size shelf bra that provides extra support, perfect lift, and coverage – the shelf bra.

Many of you are not familiar with shelf bra. That is why reading this article is so important for you. You will get detailed information about shelf bra, and everything you need to know in this article. 

What is a Shelf Bra?

Shelf bras are so popular. But, have you wondered why? And why should you wear it? Do you really need to wear it? So many questions pop up right? And to answer all of your questions, this article has been written. Let’s get more knowledge. Shall we? 

Shelf bras are best friends for curvy women. Curvy women often suffer from different insecurities. And getting the right bra to fit is also a big hassle. Now, they do not need to worry at all. Because shelf bras are here to solve their problems. Shelf bras are bras that are worn to support and lift. They do not cover much but are one of the comfiest undergarments among bras.

Types of Shelf Bra Plus Size

  • Built-in Shelf Bras 
  • Quarter Cup Shelf Bras 

Why Plus Size Women and Shelf Bras are a match?

Plus Size women try to find comfort in whatever they wear. So, a shelf bra is really their thing. If your cup size falls in the series of C, D, E, and beyond, you should go for a shelf bra. If you choose Camisole Built-in Shelf Bras, then these bras will go a long way in keeping your large breasts shaped and lifted all day long. On the other hand, if you go for Quarter Cup Shelf Bras, these bras will perform a brilliant role in preventing spillage. The thin adjustable strap that works as an underwire helps to give the desired lift and shape.

Now that you have learned quite much about shelf bras. Therefore, it is time to provide you with recommendations on some sexy and comfortable plus-size shelf bras. Let’s get started.

#10 Best Plus Size Shelf Bra Reviews 2021


Product Name




Hollywood Star Fashion’s Camisole Tank Top Built – In Shelf Bra Plus Size
  • 5% spandex

  • Built-in shelf bra

  • Adjustable strap

  • 95% Cotton 5% Spandex
  • 4.3 Out of 5

    Queen Vintage Pink Lace Plus Size Shelf Bra
  • 100% Nylon

  • Made in USA or Imported

  • Hook and Eye closure

  • 100% nylon

  • Country of Origin: Imported.

  • Care: Hand wash Cold. Do NOT bleach. Line dry.
  • 3.9 Out of 5

    Oh La La Cheri Plus Size Raquel Satin & Lacy Shelf Bra


    4.2 Out of 5

    Poppy Olivia Lacy Style Plus Size Shelf Bra 



    Shirley of Hollywood Plus Size Scalloped Embroidery Shelf Bra


    4.4 Out of 5

    Rosme Womens Balconette Shelf Bra

    32B to 44DD Cup Available

    9k Ratings

    White Copper Lace Escante Shelf Bra
  • 92% Nylon, 8% Elastane

  • Imported

  • Hook and Eye closure

  • Hand Wash Only

  • Adjustable straps
  • 4.3 Out of 5

    Strappy Shelf Bra – Black  

    Small - XL

    4.1 Out of 5

    Shelf Bra Comfort Camisole For Plus Size


    4.6 Out of 5

    Vislivin Plain Camisole for Women Lace Tank Tops V Neck Adjustable Cami Sexy Undershirts 4 Pack


    4.6 Out of 5

    1. Hollywood Star Fashion’s Camisole Tank Top Built – In Shelf Bra Plus Size

    • 5% spandex
    • Built-in shelf bra
    • Adjustable strap
    • 95% Cotton 5% Spandex

    This built-in shelf bra for plus-sized women. So, if you are petite and curvy, this is the right thing for you girl.  It is famously known as Hollywood Star Fashion’s Camisole shelf bra Tank Top Built. It is stretchable and can be worn every day by providing full comfort and style. It also comes with a wide range of adjustable straps for comfort.

    It is made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex. Above all, it comes in 25 wonderful colors to pick from such as cinnamon, deep red, grape, heather grey, hot pink, jade, mocha, mustard, oatmeal, orange, rust, teal, purple, beige, black, camel, charcoal, chocolate brown, royal blue, dark coral, dark grey, navy, neon heather pink, pink, white, yellow, aqua, baby blue, burgundy, coral, and red.

    2. Queen Vintage Pink Lace Plus Size Shelf Bra

    • 100% Nylon
    • Made in USA or Imported
    • Hook and Eye closure
    • 100% nylon
    • Country of Origin: Imported.
    • Care: Hand wash Cold. Do NOT bleach. Line dry.

    The Queen Vintage Lace Shelf Bra is a gorgeous kind of shelf bra available in baby pink color and is a Plus Size cupless bra. It gives that nostalgic, sexy vintage vibe that attracts women at first sight. It is recommended to wash it with hands with cold water. Bleaching is not at all good for this type. Line dry is recommended. Available colors for this product are, black, white, red, pink, and purple. 

    3. Oh La La Cheri Plus Size Raquel Satin & Lacy Shelf Bra

    • Sensual floral lace babydoll with matching G-string
    • Stretch mesh and floral lace
    • Shapes with unlined, vertical seamed wire-free cups
    • Customize the fit with fully adjustable stretch straps
    • 30″ long from shoulders; taken from size 1X/2X


    This super sexy lace bra in black surely brings out Oh La La from your mouth. It is gorgeous. Isn’t it?  It is the best open-cup shelf bra for large breasts. It is available in black and white color.

    4. Poppy Olivia Lacy Style Plus Size Shelf Bra 

    • Bottom cups & wings : 74% Nylon, 26% Lycra Spandex; Top of Cup Lace: 81% Nylon, 11% Spandex, 8% Polyester
    • Imported
    • Hook and Eye closure
    • Hand wash cold, use non-chlorine bleach when needed. Line dry, do not iron
    • Underwire, balconette cups with soft graduated pads that give a natural lift
    • Lace overlay on cups and scallops
    • Luxe power mesh wings offer back-smoothing and breathability
    • Dangly rhinestone jewel for extra bling
    • Stay put straps promise premium comfort

    The Poppy Olivia Cupless Shelf Bra is sexy and comes in stunning red color. Red is a color that defines power and sexiness. Women surely will feel their confident self after wearing this. It has a subtle lace and satin finish that is soft and comfortable on the skin.

    5. Shirley of Hollywood Plus Size Scalloped Embroidery Shelf Bra

     These quarter cup bras plus size offer proper lift and support due to the underwire. It has a mixture of fabrics such as mesh and lace and has adjustable shoulder straps. The fabric is nylon and is comfortable to wear. It comes in four different colors – Black, White, Pink, and Red.

    6. Rosme Womens Balconette Shelf Bra

    The stunning red chopper lace shelf bra from Rosme is perfect for plus-sized women who love a well-structured and modern shelf bra. The lace is structured according to your breast sizes and is placed to lift up your breasts and highlight the curves beautifully. It comes in sizes 40, 42, and 44.

    7. White Copper Lace Escante Shelf Bra

    This is the sister of the red chopper Diva shelf bra. They look likes just different in color. These Plus-Size open shelf cup bras are comfortable and sexy.

    • 92% Nylon, 8% Elastane
    • Imported
    • Hook and Eye closure
    • Hand Wash Only
    • Adjustable straps
    • Hook and eye back closure
    • Stretch lace for easy fit
    • Underwire cups

    8. Strappy Shelf Bra – Black  

    This is one of the most stunning plus-size Pushup shelf bras . It is hippie, fun to wear, strappy patterned, quirky, and sexy. The adjustable shoulder straps along the curves make sure to hold and support your breasts from all sides without being uncomfortable. It has tiny little ribbon details along with a lace finish all over which completed the overall look with a gorgeous touch. Products used to make the Black Mila Strappy Shelf Bra are nylon, lace, mesh, and spandex. It comes in three stunning colors – Black, Black with Mocha, and Merlot. It won the title of Best Shelf Bras for plus-size ladies.

    9. Shelf Bra Comfort Camisole For Plus Size

    This built-in shelf bra for plus-sized women in a simple double strap camisole is one of the most desirable products. It is specially designed for women with heavy breasts and for women who have sensitive breasts or needed to go through surgeries. Also, the reason why this bra gained so much popularity. It not only makes you feel beautiful, but at the same time, it gives you energy, confidence, and lets you feel like you. This can be worn for yoga, pilates, or other light athletic sessions.

    If you are a curvy woman, then wearing shelf bras is a good idea for you because it will give you three Cs. Comfort, Confidence, and Class. They will support, lift, shape, and keep your curves in place throughout the day. The built-in plus-size shelf bra can be used on a daily basis, while the quarter cup bra is a bit sexier with less coverage.

    10. Vislivin Plain Camisole for Women Lace Tank Tops V Neck Adjustable Cami Sexy Undershirts 4 Pack

    Buy any of the above-mentioned plus-size shelf bras and experience ultra-comfort. You can also check our article on the best sports bra for dd cup

    Q/A Sessions –

    Q. Why would you wear a shelf bra?

    The main motive of wearing a shelf bra is to highlight the look of the breasts by holding them up and making them appear fuller. It is an appealing piece of lingerie to both men and women because the breast itself is left exposed.

    Q. What is considered a large bust?

    Women Bra Size Chart

    Under Bust Size

    Bra Size

    Easy-Fit Size

    34″ to 35″



    36″ to 37″



    38″ to 39″



    40″ to 41″



    Is Puma a Good Brand?

    Is Puma a Good Brand?

    About Puma Brand: is Puma a Good Brand

    Many people have a question in mind that, Is Puma a Good Brand? let’s know about puma in detail. Puma may be a German company that was established in 1948 by Rudolf Dassler. cougar produces and sales sports classes like sports shoes and sport consumer goods for various sorts of sports like soccer and golf. Puma sports bra are the most popular in the world of sports-women.

    cougar is taken into account because the third triple-crown complete at this field; the opposite 2 corporations area unit Greek deity and Adidas (Puma, n.d.).The most ordinarily created cougar product area unit the athletic cougar shoes which because of the very fact that the primary puma’s product was shoes. For additional details, the cougar initial soccer sneaker was created in 1948 and it had been worn within the initial soccer match when the war by Victor Herbert Burdenski;

    the scorer World Health Organization scored the primary goal when the war (Puma,n.d.). Likewise, forty-eighth of cougar profits from footwear makes it the foremost commerce cougar product (Puma, 2013). cougar shoes contain different types of sneakers for various sorts of sports like trainers, soccer shoes, and cricket shoes. Pairs of shoes manufactured by puma also popular along with the puma sports bra for women.

    History of Puma Brand

    Puma SE, branded as the catamount, could be a German international corporation that styles and manufactures athletic and casual footwear, attire, and accessories, that is headquartered in Herzogenaurach, Bavaria, Germany. catamount is the third-largest garb manufacturer in the world. The corporation was supported in 1948 by Rudolf Dassler. In 1924, Rudolf and his brother Adolf Dassler had conjointly shaped the corporate Gebrüder Dassler Schuhfabrik (Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory).

    The connection between the 2 brothers deteriorated till the 2 united to separate in 1948, forming 2 separate entities, Adidas and catamount. Each corporation is presently based mostly in Herzogenaurach, Germany. Puma has been a public company since 1986, listed on the Frankfurt on the Main securities market. French luxury cluster Kering (formerly referred to as Pinault-Printemps-Redoute or PPR) holds the Sixteen Personality Factor Questionnaire, Kering’s largest shareowner Artemis militia owns twenty-ninth of the share capital.

    Since 1st July 2013, the corporation has been operated by former soccer skilled Bjørn Gulden (CEO). As of 2017, catamount SE employs over thirteen,000 individuals worldwide and distributes its merchandise in additional than one hundred twenty countries. Following the split from his brother, Rudolf Dassler originally registered the new-established company as Ruda, however later modified the name to catamount.

    Puma’s earliest emblem consisted of a square. and a beast jumping through a D, that was registered, together with the company’s name, in 1948. Catamount’s shoe and consumer goods styles feature the Puma emblem and also the distinctive “Formstrip” that was introduced in 1958.

    Varieties,Colours & Logo

    Puma shoe company has a singular style, victimization, and technology; the shoes’ molds are injected with the sunshine foam materials by L.I.F.T (Lite Injected Foam Technology). As a result, this manner decreases the load of the shoes that makes the shoes flair and speedy. Moreover, it saves the materials of the shoes/cheaper to make; as a result of this method there’s no would like for -sutures and adhesions- method.

    Additionally, catamount shoes are designed in a very method that enables the feet to breathe some recent air that makes the shoe swish and comfy for the user. Additionally, the catamount shoes are created to forestall friction and slippy therefore it protects the one who wears them from any inflectional morphology.

    There are the most colors for every form of shoes and additionally, clients|the purchasers|the shoppers} will be tailored by the customer. As an example, the client will amendment the color of over ten components of the shoe to match the customer’s taste; from the sole to the catamount brand. This offers the client United Nations agency liked the look of the shoes however not its colors the power to vary it to suit his style and his outfit.

    Moreover, the catamount brand stands for a jumping Puma; a kind of cat that will leap with a 1 bounce to twenty feet high. The catamount brand is put on every of Puma’s products and its shoes. This brand expresses the strength, the speed, and therefore the power that catamount has in its shoes.


    Puma sponsors many sports groups, players, athletes, and even coaches from completely different countries. It sponsors many national soccer groups like the European country team, the European national team, and the Suisse team. What’s additional, European country’s national team won the FIFA tournament in 2006 and also the players were sporting blue mountain lion shoes.

    Mountain lion conjointly sponsors running athletics like Usain Bolt and Moses Kipsiro. Usain Bolt is the quickest man in the world. Additionally, sponsors of golfers like Lexi Thompson World Health Organization won the Navistar LPGA Classic in 2011 and turned from Novice player to the youngest skilled player at golf.

    Events & Advertisement 

    Puma holds events for various sports in several places within the world to market their merchandise. As an example, a mountain lion commanded a campaign “SOoo Fast” in 2005 that challenged the fact that mountain lions have a spirit of glee and journey. The event was regarding individuals carrying shoes of mountain lion Sooo quick and doing totally different activates like a diversion.

    The aim of ‘Sooo Fast’ campaign was to point out the workout and mental effort mixed with fun. Still, there’s a calendar for the approaching events on mountain lion websites to tell individuals regarding their events, they update it monthly and this month they need nine approaching events.

    Puma advertisements are thus vibrant, artistic, and attention-grabbing. They use totally different media to advertise their merchandise like TV, social media, banners, and posters. Advertising on social media is continually enticing and is spoken on to the customers’ minds by victimizing the words “you, your, we, us” and once each shoe ad they are saying “share your shoe footage and tag our account”.

    This manner is extremely helpful to social media users UN agency wishes to share everything they need and take or purchase everything they don’t need to share with others. Moreover, the banners they use are thus artistic and innovative; typically they use animal or background that matches the shoe’s colors and typically they produce enticing styles that show the strength of the shoe.


    Puma whole wishes to deliver its message to its customer’s minds that they’re not an organization that produces sports classes only for sports with no different purpose. However, wildcat could be a company that mixes the game and therefore the modus vivendi along and makes them one whole that is referred to as “Sportlifestyle”.

    For a lot of clarification, wildcat mixes its performance that’s all concerning the strength, gracefulness, and technical innovations with the life-style that’s influenced by cultural connection, leadership variety of urban and thrilling style innovation.

    wildcat is making an attempt to offer the players from Sportlifestyle whole relishment|the thrill} and it’s making an attempt to create them enjoy each joyful moment in each game. Moreover, wildcat says from its advertisements that we tend to area unit creating the client enjoys the game in his existence while not forgetting the style and magnificence influences.

    Designs and ideas of wildcat shoes area unit being traced and imitated by the competitive corporations that typically create shoes higher than wildcat shoes. Since the competitors are unit higher than wildcat, they get the advantage of being the simplest in manufacturing shoes so wildcat loses its customers.

    Some of the wildcat’s Asian competitors copy the wildcat shoe styles and manufacture a similar variety of shoes with the Puma brand on them at cheaper costs. Therefore, wildcat loses their customers UN agency area unit searching for lower costs.